The Launch Trailer

I must admit, I’ve been a bit disappointed with the marketing trailers for BL3. A lot have been very clever (Mask of Mayhem, Happy Together, Psycho ads) but they didn’t enthuse me the way the BL1 Launch Trailer (“Punch a midget’s leg of!”!) or the classic “Wimoweh” trailer for BL2 did.

But the BL3 Launch Trailer makes up for it. Everyone now hates the Calypsos, seeing three generations of Vault Hunters working together brought a tear to my eye :slightly_smiling_face:, Ash Burch has managed to make an 18 year old Tiny Tina sound as mad as ever and the “mic drop” at the end was perfect. THAT was a Borderlands trailer :smiley:


Brick and Moze fist-bumping with Queen playing, yep that’s pretty much okey-dokey to me. :smiley:

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Mask of Mayhem is still the best for me. Also, Moze’s character Trailer is almost perfect