The "Lead Storm" Commando Build

Hello and welcome to my third and (probably) final build for Axton the Commando. This build aims to get maximum DPS out of a Lead Storm (Ferocious prefix is best) wielding soldier and is intended to be used with a blue or purple rifleman class mod. Here is my skill build:

Sentry 5/5: In order to maximize your damage output and minimize damage taken, it is important to keep your turret out for as long as possible.

Ready 5/5: Minimizing reload time is key to survival in UVHM, especially if you are using a high fire rate weapon like the lead storm.

Onslaught 5/5: It greatly increases your movement speed and damage after a kill, a useful skill for defence and offence.

Willing 5/5: As Axton, you’ll be relying on shield recharge skills to help you soak up more damage and keep preparation active.

Able 5/5: It’s great for keeping you alive when things get ugly.

Scorched Earth: Rockets! They deal damage and help to distract your opponents.

Double Up: It’s useful for slagging and damage dealing, axton’s best capstone skill in UVHM.

Impact 5/5: 20% gun damage, need I say more?

Expertise 3/5: Enemies won’t give you a lot of time to slag them, so it’s important to spec into this.

Overload 5/5: You’ll be burning through ammo rather quickly, so this should be quite helpful.

Metal Storm 4/5: It will bring your fire rate up to about 18 after a kill, if you want to engulf your enemies in bullets, this skill is for you.

Battlefront 5/5: The grenade damage bonus will be wasted on the Lead Storm, but 30% gun damage is always nice to have.

Longbow: It will keep your turret alive and allow you to deploy it at long distances, a crucial skill.

Do or Die: 10% grenade damage and the ability to use grenades in FFYL is more than worth a point.

Preparation 5/5: Your primary source of health regeneration.

Pressure 5/5: It’s increase to reload speed and decrease to shield recharge delay will save your life.

Quick Charge 5/5: This can allow you to escape from situations that might otherwise mean certain death.

Mag Lock: A great skill that will allow you to deploy your turret anywhere on the field. It will help your turret to slag and survive.

And that’s my build! Use it with a Lead Storm (obtained from voracidous or the seraph vendor in Sir Hammerlock’s DLC) and a rifleman COM (obtained from chests or zed’ vending machines) and watch your enemies fall to your superior firepower.

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