The Leech build

Attikus, The huge, Monstrous, Socially Awkward, Jennerit Tank.

While i have not seen many people play as him because he mainly does best where there’s other enemies (Bots, and Varelsi.) i still love the big guy. So today i plan to help you people out who play face-off, Incursion, meltdown, and Story mode.

First off i should say the way you should play as Attikus is to kind of focus on minions to build up your charge till you get to full charge then fight other players. Or better yet have a team mate help you out when you fight some one due to how little damage you can do. Now to the helix.

Level one: Hedronic Siphoning or Energetic Burst.
Hedronic Siphoning

Yes i know its for the most part a bad choice for it’s very bad regen powers as you only get 15% life steal. But trust me keep this power for if you get full stacks and use it you get crazy amounts of healing due to the full charge power for Hedronic Arc makes an AOE. And if you get it into say a crowd of minions you can steal a lot of health.

Level two: Staggering Pounce, Invigorating Pounce, or Pounce Recharge.
Pounce Recharge.

For the most part i think every battleborn has some kind of escape power. In attikus’s case it’s his pounce. And having the power to get your shield back up to allow your escape is a boon. Which now that i talk about it i should say personily how i use pounce (You don’t have to use it the way i do.). The way i use pounce is again as an escape so you may want to wait till you get maybe to half/low health if you do not have a healer near you.

Level three: Brawler’s Boon or Tenacity.
Brawler’s Boon.

Brawler’s boon gives you a 15% life steal for your basic attacks add this with Hedronic Siphoning and you get 30% life steal! Which of course isn’t much but if you use the same tactic i said to use with hedronic siphoning you will get even more life steal back!

Level four: Dampening Field or Quickening Arc

Either skill works here Dampening field allows you to make your enemies attack’s weaker so you can be able to tank more damage while gaining health as you punch the ever living ■■■■ out of them. But Quickening Arc could also help with escapes if your Pounce is on cooldown.

Level five: Hedronic Regeneration, Charge Efficiency, or Hedronic Haste.
Hedronic Regeneration.

With this skill it brings the build together! If you have a full charge (Which should be most of the time) Will get massive amounts of health back! If you add a healing pen (Which spoilers that’s part of the gear load out that i will recommend) you get even more health back!

Level six: Disruptor Field or Chain Breaker.
Disruptor field.

I never EVER use chain breaker because i use pounce as a way to escape. So the power to get your skills to rest by killing a major will most likely never happen (At least in my case.).

Level seven: Unstoppable, Skull Crusher, or Swift Strikes
Swift strikes and or Unstoppable.

Swift strikes plus a attack speed boost is great! And makes you swing crazy fast. But Unstoppable can help out too. So either one is really good. If you have heath increase in you gear slots use Swift strikes. If you have a attack speed in your gear slot get Unstoppable. Or go which ever one you like more.

Level eight: Big Splash or Power Pounce

This is kind of a throw away if you use pounce like i do as an escape. So pick which one you fancy more.

Level nine: Hedronic Chain, Greased Lightning, or Aftershock.
Greased lightning or hedronic chain.

If you don’t have the mutation Greased lightning yet use Hedronic chain as it allows you to chain attack with
Hedronic Arc if you don’t have a full charge.

Level ten: Wake Of Devistation, Payback Time, or Unstoppable Rampage
Wake of Devistation or Unstoppable rampage.

Either one of these two skills works with this build. If you get wake of Devistation you want to use it when you have full charge then use you ult. If you have full charge and use use your ult you slow enemies. This allows you to do even more damage as they will not allow to move any where and your doing an AOE on top of that. So your doing 2x the damage. But Unstoppable rampage also works here but you will have to use it against minions more then other players to be able to get the full effect of it.

And that’s it for the skills as for the gear you can do one of two things.

Heath increase, Attack speed, and heath regen.
Heath increase, heath regen, and Damage reduction.

Either one works here. For the first one it rounds out almost all of the build with the skills but if you don’t want to do it that way because you want to use swift strike, Then go with the 2nd opinion.

And with that we come to a close with this build. Like a said the best way to play attikus altogether is to use him on game modes that have minions to kill. That way you have charge to use on the enemy players. Use your pounce to get away from a bad spot and ask your team mates for help if you do not have any charges on your but you want to take down another player. I hope you like this guide and you have fun with attikus as i always do!

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How does this build perform against another Attikus? Not trying to be mean but I just feel like it would be destroyed by the meta build


Which build is the meta lately?(just to make sure I’m still up to date)

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Pretty much full damage on helixes

Voxis core + Bolas or Voxis core + M Pulse controller or all three

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I think it’s because 1V1 it’s stacked in favor of the tenacity atty due to the amount of damage boost it gives

And for that gear combo it’s broken even in my lackadaisical opinion.

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I agree. It’s still seen on almost every att though

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Wait until the gear gets fixed to not proc off Hedronic arc. Then you’ll see how few Attikus mains there actually are. Kinda like how half the Orendi’s ‘mains’ jumped ship when bolas got nerfed.

Also I have run brawler’s boon in the past but coincidentally you will need attack damage on your gear =o

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