The Legend of Slif_One and Benedict

So, since, for whatever reason, the user in question is still on ban from these forums, I thought I would post this on his behalf (and yes he is aware that I will be posting this):

So, as I am sure most if not all of you are aware, from Thursday through to early Monday morning was Battleborn’s “Bird Hunt” event.

And @slif_one decided to do something epic, legendary, and I dare say masochistic.

From the beginning of Bird Hunt right up until the bitter end he played all Bird Hunt all weekend being no one but Benedict.

He slept some, not much.

I played with him and some other friends for a good chunk of the weekend and seeing Slif play Benedict was scary.

I left around 1 am Sunday night to sleep and I know the event had probably 7 or 8 hours left to go at that point.

By then, not even at the end of it yet, Slif had racked up 534 (yes, five hundred and thirty four!) kills as a just Benedict in 58 matches.

That works out to 9.2 kills per match!

That’s 1/20th of the way to Angel of Death in 3 days.


I know Slif had previously been completely staying away from Benny because he understood how broken Benny is in the hands of a skilled player.

And I know other people who went on crazy kill streaks with Benny this last weekend, like kill streaks they had never achieved with other characters.

Slif also had another agenda for spending almost 3 and a half non stop days playing no one but Benny in nothing but Bird Hunt: he was trying to demonstrate to Gearbox that if you take a mode where 2 of the selectable characters are 2 of the most broken in the game (Ernest and Benny) AND you can have up to 5 per team, a lot of people are going to get stomped and stop playing the mode.

As much as I respect Slif and his hardcore efforts, I do still enjoy the wackiness of the event, the thought process which inspired it, and the spirit in which it was intended!

Personally, I enjoyed being forced to play out of my comfort zone and brush up on my Toby (oh god I am going to have recurring nightmares about that character Legendary double stun on multiple Tobies in a match or 2 or 3 Tobies synchronizing their Ults and shields and mines and railgun blasts and just dominating lanes), Marquis, Pendles and Benny skills.

Really fun times!


3.5 days of nothing but Benny in Bird Hunt
58 matches
534 kills (and counting!)
1 Bird
1 Legend

( @benedict_87 care to weigh in?)


That seems pretty standard for a good Benedict. Gearbox took one of the highest skill cap characters, who could already dominate the battlefield, and buffed him since the meta data showed most people couldn’t use him.



I’ve “Mastered” him, lore wise, but I can’t do what guys like Slif and so many others do seemingly effortlessly.

I’ve never been the greatest at precise aiming, especially while on the move, and extra especially not whole adding a whole other dimension of movement with the flying.

I usually end up playing him mainly as a foot soldier / wave clear, flying only when I need to escape or get somewhere in a hurry, and trying to capitalize on some easy Hawkeye kills.

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I actually wonder whether we have anyone with a newfound love for any of the Bird Hunt mains after this weekend.

I DEFINITELY want to play more Marquis now!

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Ernest lost the final shreds of remaining love I had for him. My tenuous grasp of respect for the character became a feeble whisper, followed by a declaration of complete damnation. I once carried his mantle and now refuse to interact with the dreaded creature unless breaking his pathetic bird bones. No one deserves to have to play that one dimensional failure of a character. Quintessentially…
He’s meh
(Too easy to counter and kill, not enough variability, no surprises)


I wish for his marrow to emaciate

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Bird Hunter was certainly a polarizing event!

I agree about Benny feeling one dimensional (ironic considering he can move fully in an extra dimension the other Battleborn cannot!).

I had a really fun time with Bird Hunt, though!

Playing with good team mates really helped.

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Yeah, it was a lot of fun. And sorry to point this out bud, but

You’re definitely right about it being polarizing. looks for potential assassins in the shadows

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Oh derp!

If Im being earnest, I earnestly love Ernest!

He’s one of my main mains!

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I used to too…

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What changed?

I played him long enough where I could see his flaws unfortunately. When fervor loses favor I suppose



Can you elaborate on these flaws please?

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Reads Thread Title.

Orendi: The legends are true!

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Wasn’t trying to be controversial.

EDIT: Sorry if anything about the post came across that way.

And can’t you just…tell a story…sometimes?

Share a cool experience from this game we all love?

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Sure you can, that is very much why I am keeping it up.

But, simply as a suggestion, I would say that including some matter of discussion as it pertains to the story tends to help expand the dialogue for new users.



Fair enough, and thank you for the kind tip!

I just felt it was an impressive and dedicated thing to do, is all.

@flamesforall Seriously, Slif is just a really good player who picked him up. I’ve seen him play Benedict and I have seen others do far better with him. (No discredit to him, I’ve played with him several times and he is an amazing player, he just has a lot to learn about playing Benedict if he were to truely master him)

Analogy: Benedict before buff was on par with pre-nerf El Dragon and pre-nerf Mellka, he was just more difficult to use. Because of this less people played him and bothered learning to use him. If all the El Dragon mains picked up Benedict instead, the data gearbox collected would have said El Dragon was under-performing and needed buffs while Benedict was over-performing and needed nerfs. Then we would be dealing with overpowered luchadors and laughing about a Benedict with clipped wings. Most of the people that really learned how to play Benedict stopped after he got buffed and no longer play him.

If you really want to see someone who took the time to learn Benedict before buffs and what he can do with him now, see if @lolattheseforums will do some incursion matches with you. I would offer to do it myself but I only play Benedict with massive handicaps now.


How can you compare these two exactly?

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