The Legendary Lone Dwarven Samurai

Comrades, gather round.

Allow me to regale you with a true tale of legendary heroism and master warriorship.

It was Wednesday night, well technically Thursday morning, and I was teamed up with my good buddies @handsomecam @AncientBelgareth @Beatrix and TheBaconator . We had a free slot for whatever reason at that time and the random we got was a Japanese Boldur.

Can’t recall his name, but he was the best Boldur I’ve seen. At first we thought he was just oblivious and suicidal, but that was NOT the case.

He just started running around, Mask hoarding, not turning in, scrapping with every enemy he ran into, doing damage / getting kills, AND ALWAYS SURVIVING AND GETTING AWAY TO DO IT AGAIN!

We all just followed him around and body guarded / healed him as he bravely ran from one fight to the next.

We all died multiple times defending him, taking the enemies down with us.

Honestly, though, I don’t think he even cared or wanted / needed our help.

This guy knew how to survive.

I don’t know what gear he was running or what but damn!

The whole time we are just cracking up on mic as we beg him over and over again to PLEASE BOLDUR YOU MADMAN TURN IN YOUR MASKS!!!

Finally, in the final minutes of the match, he goes to turn in, finally.

Turns in almost 400 masks, enemy team has about 470 in, so we manage to collect and turn in 500 with the enemy ending up at 492.

The Boldur left after the match and we never ran into him again, but I will never forget him.

Mad respect for Boldur The Legendary Lone Samurai.


His legend will live on in our hearts…

God-speed, Woodsworn Warrior!


You could always go into match history and look at gear loadouts there, also find out who it was and maybe play with them more.


Haha, i’m doing it right now, one sec!


asamakun, the legendary Woodsworn Warrior!



Thanks for digging that up @HandsomeCam !

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Haha, no problem! The funny part is that i was JUST about to go to bed when i got the ping for this thread, and i was just like: “f*ck it, i won’t be able to sleep until i know who that guy was now”.

I was in the process of turning on my PS4 and loading Battleborn when @cat590 suggested checking our match history.


Perfect timing!

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That man was the hero you deserved.


The legends say that he will appear only in times of greatest need…

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Read the epicness!

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Please read!

Oh god Asamakun, I’ve played with him a couple of times, had the displeasure to fight against him and boy did I stopped playing after that match, would literally wreck me in less than a minute, never have I been afraid of a Boldur before ;-;



Does he always solo queue?

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with what I remember majority of the time yeah

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What an astonishing badass!

Boldur would be offended at you for calling him a Samurai. Axe > Sword, he makes fun of Rath for what he is, a sad ninja man, not a real warrior.
Boldurs amazing in faceoff/capture, people not realize this? x.x Most of the maps are open and elevated enough for him to Dash to safety from almost anywhere


Fair points!

you’d think he be level 10 with 15+ kills by how he was talked up


More of an huskarl. Less samurai.

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Great one!