The Legendary Packs - Your experience

One thing thats wierd is, when I check the Purchase History it says “Legendary Gear Pack” instead of Loot Pack.

I only got 2 before the event was over and was pleasantly surprised I got 2 different Max Rolls out of them, which I didn’t have up to that point.

So… how have you experienced your Legendary Packs?


Stupid me decided to test if 15 faction packs worth the price of 1 legendary, decided to buy 30 faction just to see how bad or good were the odds.

Factuonpacks gave 0 legendary and 1 taunt i didnt have, legendary lootpacks gave me 13 legendaries i got dups 5 times.

Conclusión: i need more legendary packs more more more!! How can they do this!! Put them back in store!! Even if they cost 60k i dont like factionpacks i dont need them anymore!!!

i already have a majority of the legendaries so i was happy when my first pack contained one i didn’t have. in the second was one i already had (not even max roll) so i decided to stick to the discounted faction packs. they gave me either skins and taunts or (as most of the time) credits which were almost as much as i bought them for. got around 150 lootpacks even though i started with around 80k credits.

I… don’t want to talk about it… sniff sniff…

I got… the Shadoculars…


So I opened 20 Legendary Packs.

Of course I did; because I’m a lunatic.

So RNGJesus, the entity that dictates our sanity, decided to give me two options: On the left there is a high chance that you won’t get what you want after opening all those packs, a crushing disappointment after all the hope you’ve invested in RNGJesus. On the right is a bridge where if you jump off you’re guaranteed to be crushed by the oncoming traffic. Of course, you can achieve the exact same experience by driving a nail through your eyeball.

So I opened the packs with a nail in my hand… and found only 4 new items that I didn’t have. The duplicates that I got which I wanted to replace my weaker ones were weaker than the ones I already owned. 300K credits down the drain and barely got anything to show for it. Some of the stuff that was new were… okay… I guess… I did get the legendary UPR stabilizer at max roll, so that’s good nonetheless.

In the end, I was still really, really, like really sad because of all the crap duplicates I got. Then I remembered that I still had that nail. In next than an instant, I drove that nail into my eyeball.

Is it any wonder why the hospital already knows me by first name basis?

I’ll be blunt. Why do you even play battleborn…?

Everytime i read anything you post is depresive or bitter, seriously you dont seem to enjoy pvp or pve.


That’s rich coming from you.

Weren’t you the person that was glad that I was on PC -given when the PC is suffering the worst case of population retention among the 3 platforms. I was expressing those concerns, but you just laughed it off. Weren’t you happy that I was overall not having a good time?

Whether you spoke in jest or not, it’s pretty obvious which way I decided to take it.

So yeah, I’m still not having a fantastic time in BB -especially how DLC2 looks, plays, feels, and how much time on average I must sink into it. I’m finally done 29/29 characters, and then just deal with Beatrix once she’s out so I don’t need to touch that DLC ever again unless I have to.

One of my primary drives now is to obtain all the legendary gear; the collector part of me demands perfection. But that seems to be quite a hollow way to approaching the game.

-sets up lawn chair-

Well… THIS is going to get interesting…


Well, I got a Go-Go Juice out of it atleast. But overal I didn’t bother much with Legendary Loot Packs.
Also, got 3 of the UPR exclusive legendaries, but sold 2 of them and the last one is just for collection sake.

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Ugh I hate you… I really wanted a go go juice… And a solar sustainer… And executive insurance policy.

But a burning sunset isn’t terrible I suppose. Just not sure how I would use it…

Would’ve given it to you if I could. None of my builds require it.

I just think it’s kinda neat. Dunno if I would use it(or if the numbers I remember it having being accurate for that matter…)

Bought 3 legendary packs. Got a Lenore’s Lament, Culling Spike, and Shadoculars.
Got every other new faction legendary from commander packs.

My friend just bought the regular faction loot packs and they just refunded themselves so he could get more legendaries. He got 7 legendaries for the sum of 10k credits.

I got 3 gogó juice max stat… I would give 1 to you, is a fun legendary but usless.

Currently im using it on pendless, helps a lot.

I burnt all of my 200K credits on legend packs Saturday, sat on them to last night, and was more than happy with RNGJ this time around = I’d gladly do it again :dukeaffirmative:

…Yup, which is what I’ve said to Rivaire each time we’re on a team. :wink:

I only opened a few, I thought they’d be available all weekend not just Saturday…
However I did get Vampire Vestment and Pain-2-Gain.


After opening multiple Jen Commander ( 5-6 ) Packs on top of the 3-4 Legendary packs I’ve continued to miss out on Voxis Core…

The piece I’ve been saving my credits and trying feverishly to get…

Other than that, I was very pleased with how the weekend went.

I’d love to see them as a regular thing on the marketplace, I’d probably pay 20K or more for them.

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I will trade you 3 Voxis cores for your vampire vest…0

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