The Legendary Packs - Your experience

Is this a fake trade center? I got 2 pains 2 gain near max stat who got that sprint speed legendary that drops hp orbs

I didn’t want to buy the packs since they were too expensive so I bought a shitton of faction packs.

Managed to get a few legendaries from the faction packs, some I had (worse Insurance Policy, Voxis Core, and Vitamin Root tea), some I hated (Talon of the Hawk and Shadoculars) and thus sold, and some I’ve been actually looking for (Ground-Pounders, Trail Blazers, and Solar Sustainer).

I wasn’t able to get the ones I’ve been really wanting;

  • Max Stat Insurance Policy
  • Burning Sunset
  • Pain-2-Gain Re-Knitter
  • CYA Module
  • Both Eldrid Faction Gears
  • Max Stat Lenore’s Lament
  • Bloody-Mess Burst Kit
  • Long-arm scope-goat
    -Medical Nano-Colony
    -Max Emergency Auto-Medic

…damn, there is still a whole bunch of Legendaries I want to get :frowning:

The general consensus is that solar sustainer does not actually work as advertised, so you’re probably not missing out on anything there.

4 of my 5 legendary packs all time have been shadowculars…

You got pendles legendary gear, it fits him perfectly

I learned I can guess the contents of my teammates leg lootpacks and am psychic.

One of my group bought a pack and asked us to take bets on what they’d get, I guessed MR Synchro Link mid-roll and they screenshotted exactly that from their pack.