The legendary Torgue shotgun "Redline"

So, this shotgun is sort of like a Maliwan, in that it has a charge time before full-auto firing.

That seems to be all it has going for it, though, because the purple Bangstick shotgun heavily out-damages it.

I like the concept of this gun, but I can’t seem to actually make it do enough damage to be worthwhile.

Seems like what it got is mag size and fire rate. Probably DP isnt the best accessory for it?

While the Bangstick has the upper hand in one shot kill potential, the Redline seems to outdamage it when applying stickies.

The Redline can fire six shots before a reload, with four pellets each, which means 24 stickies total.

The Bangstick gets two shots, but with eighteen pellets each, that’s 36 stickies.

I would’ve expected the Redline to be pretty decent on Moze if you utilize Forge, but I was still killing Graveward quicker with the Bangstick.

The Redline is a reference to Road Hog’s gun from Overwatch.

This is why I think DP isnt the best prefix. 1 ammo per shot would be the best imo.

The only problem is how annoying this gun is to farm, since Road Dog doesn’t even always spawn.

I heard in the Joltz video that it fired really fast. So. That’s what I know!

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I’m starting to wonder if this thing only comes in “Double-Penetrating”, since I now have three of them that are all DP, and the one Joltz got is also DP.

I have a DP, also.