The "Lets Talk About Ernest" Thread

So I’m probably going to regret saying this, but my first match was with three ernests and we discovered that if you drop three eggs with “attack mode” activated and stand near them… the effect stacks.

To the tune of about 75% attack speed.

Which is hilarious.

Our match was the Algorithim. Geoff gave precisely zero ■■■■■ about us, but it might have been the quickest I’ve ever downed issac. Grenades deal decent damage to non armored characters and are surprisingly accurate once you get the mechanics down.

I think he’ll be an offensive machine in PVE. Very excited to see his other helixes.


I wish you hadn’t posted that :stuck_out_tongue: now they’ll know and pvp stacking eggs for Toby will never happen. Just imagine him having three eggs behind him in a good spot…
Or Marquise, rapid fire sniper! Or… The dreaded Montana. Get three in the center of incursion behind the wall, have Montana on the edge with Miko and Alani healing him because he got the over heat damages himself rather than stops his gun :stuck_out_tongue:


They should change that. Probably not intended. You would think this would have been checked carefully because of the number of other problems from stacking the same effect multiple times. Even without that, even Scooter knows that bird is broke as hell.


Played him for two story matches, haven’t had that much fun in weeks of BB!


His defense seems VERY high.

I was lauging off full Dreadwinds.

27 assists first time out, highest yet.

I sense Right Behind You soon with Ernest.

Take the augment that increases firing speed of his Grenade Launcher and WOW!

Very nice little AOE Ultimate.


Position his Eggs the way you would Kleese’s Rift Generators.


Do the eggs defensively affect other eggs of his?


You can only have 1 down at a time.

Unless maybe there’s a mutation coming as I level up…,

Yup, he fits rather perfectly as a UPR support. The stacking only affects PvE until chaos rumble mode comes out so I’m not too concerned about. They’ll probably give diminishing returns to stacked eggs, so each buff after the first one gives a smaller percentage. At least that’s how I would do it.

Haven’t taken him for a spin in PvP, but I imagine he’ll be very potent in the hands of accurate players. I appreciate that his grenades reward direct hits more than spamming to carpet an area.

Overall he feels solid, and fulfills the territorial/pusher roles perfectly without overstepping into other roles. From what I can tell anyway, we’ll see what the high level players come up with.



Just did 2 PVP matches as him, got him to almost level 4.

Would have been more matches as him, but people are selecting him sooo fast.

Great Survivability, very solid bordering on tankish, good Ultimate, his R1 explosive charges can be used either as sticky grenades or mines, his L1 egg (only one out at once) provides nice buffs to either Attack or defence and can be placed at key points for you and your team to mount assaults from or defend around, his main weapon is great for clearing waves / turrets, dislodging snipers, laying down suppressive Fire and tagging enemies for assist. Slow firing speed til you Augment it around 5-7 in his Helix.

Sucks at taking out Thralls solo, or maybe I just need practice!

Can you say weaknesses


A bit slow, both movement and firing.

No escape skill.

Easy to get group fired on by enemies.

Terrible at solo-ong Thralls.

Thanks does he feel balanced against teams that know his counters

Don’t know yet my friend!

I wont be able to try him again until much later tonight!


Ok thanks and looking forward to KID ULLLLTTRRRRRAAAAAA


Me too!

I love all our Heroes unreservedly!

Be they stinky, scaly, stupid or strange!

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I’ve seen them all on the wiki, and nope. Excited for a 5 Ernest run tonight. Solid 125%, an extra natural 20 and 28 from gear. How does 273% total attack speed sound? How about 248 on a Phoebe pouring in on ISIC’s crit? I am so ready.



Thanks! You’re gonna have a BLAST! KA-BOOM!

Okay, let’s talk about that voice. So does not work for me. Anybody else feel the voice casting missed by a mile?


Really? I felt like his voice fit him. Not what I originally envisioned, but after a couple matches with him I think it suits his personality. The VA is pretty good too.

By the way, I found one of his hidden taunts in a UPR pack! Posted a vid of it, if anyone wants to check it out.

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