The Level Cap and You: ideas?

So we had a guy hit the level cap, 100, which is awesome, but he said the game just kinda stops at that point. Which is fine, because expansions. But we can make things interesting! What do you guys think shoud happen in the post-level cap end of the universe apocolypse?

Here are some thoughts.

  1. Prestige mode *1-100 and also unlock the ability to prestige each character individually

  2. Gold-tier daily/weekly quests (but nothing too ridiculous, like get kills with Galelia while standing on El Dragon’s shoulders blindfolded)

  3. [My favorite] All earned exp. that would otherwise go to waste (account level and character for maxed characters) is instead converted into coin. Because coin drops a little too slowly at the moment.

+4. Community goals with rewards weekly.

+5. Super End of the World Tournament Mode for lvl 100+ players :slight_smile:

+6. Mayhem Playlists (start match lvl 10 with all gear activated)


I like the coin idea.

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I like number 2!..

But I think it could even be like with the beta, where if everyone farmed a certain amount of shards (I think it was in the billions!), then gearbox would reward players with a shift code for a specific skin (3 gold skins for ps4 players at the time)…
While it would be good to get individual challenges too, community based ones encourages us all to keep playing together too.


Ah, I remember other games giving loot crates for community challenges as well. I’ll add it!

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A better idea; how about UNLIMITED levels?

Have power stop scaling, but levels continue.


I think community and weekly/special events are the way to go, that’s pretty much what every other title does to keep the community engaged.
Can use hot fixes to change loot pools on each map, increase legendary drops on specific bosses, etc
They’ve done this last time on TPS and used hot fixes to create seasonal/special events so they could potentially do this every week on BB too ( since i believe they said they could hot fix weekly ? ).
Make special event matches like faction wars, 5 Rogues vs 5 Peacekeepers and see which faction wins at the end of the event.

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I’d like to see a Super End of the World Tournament mode activate after you reach level 100. Have it be a community livestream where the best of the best compete for the Solus Cup!

I also like all the other options listed in the OP, plus one addition. A Legendary pack for every time you prestige, and maybe a free tier 3 skin.

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I say if you want to continue to level up after 100, make it truly intersting. People seem to really hate the idea of their true skill rank being displayed and I think most games displayed rank never represents that players skill level but more so time played.

Hitting level 100 should be basically a graduation period. After that , you should have levels that could actually drop down (no farther than back to 100) if you are performing bad for a certain amount of games. Quitting out of a match should be a factor , as well as voting to surrender early. Maybe they can just be over all precious metal insignias like bronze , gold , diamond etc. Or maybe title emblems that say Ultimate badazz, Badazz, just bad lol.

No more pats on the back for finishing a game (and not winning) , or not gaining points doing what your characters role is (healers not healing , damage dealers dying more than getting kills etc).
You want to level up , show what you can really do.


While i think that is a great idea i can just imagine the rage goin on with it …
SO much salt would go around, enough to make the Dead Sea jealous.

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Could also unlock a sort of Mayhem elite playlist, where everybody starts the match Rank 10 with all equipped gear activated! Maybe as a weekend special playlist!

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I support this idea…even as it’s own playlist regardless of rank.

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I really like this idea. ALOT. After 100 your level is a display of your true skull. That’s awesome

Also some sort of a prestige mode could be cool.
The trick is figuring out a good incentive to prestige. I believe a balanced combination of aesthetics and slight advantage could be worked into the reward. Here’s what I’m thinking:
•When you prestige you select 1 character from the entire cast to prestige with you.
•Each character can be prestiged a total of 3 times.
•when you prestige a character you instantly unlock them.
•1st prestige for the character unlocks a unique 1st Prestige skin. 2nd prestige unlocks a 2nd prestige skin. 3rd prestige unlocks a 3rd prestige skin
•lastly: 1st prestige for your selected character grants an extra character level for the start of every game. So you actually get two helix unlocks at the start of every game. 2nd prestige grants another. And 3rd grants one more. So if you prestige a character 3 times you start at level 4 for every game and get an extra 3 helix unlocks at the start of every game.

I think this would be awesome.