The level up skins are very disappointing

I do know tier 2 skins will be coming in next content patch. My issue is with rank 7,11,and 14 recolors ,there just one color with a slightly lighter shade of that exact color turning you into a disgusting blob.
Not only did it release with just recolors but most of them were lazy and gross. The rank 15 black and purple while very cool is not a rank 15 reward , If I have to put 20 hours into a character it should represent all the hours you put into mastering that character.
Free to play mobas like heroes of the storm do this better than battleborn offering not only a fun master skin but also 3 good recolors of that master skin. And assuming you can stand that disgusting blob color scheme they love so much, trying to get one specific skin for one specific character from a loot pack is almost impossible when droprates for skins and taunts are so low.


These aren’t skins, they are palletes. And yes it’s pretty lame. But the reason is that the actual skins will be behind a pay wall aka the season pass.

What do you mean? They will only be accessible to those with the seasons pass?

The Season Pass is what gives you access to all DLC and is already a confirmed thing that Skins + Taunts are part of it along with story missions. I assume the DLC can be bought separately but the season pass is like a cheaper pre order of it.

Also there will be free DLC like characters and maybe some skins/taunts. So look forward to that as well.

Ah, I have the seasons pass, but I thought it only included the characters and missions. Skins should just be there for everyone.

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scroll down to the season pass part it even says that each comes with a mission and skins+taunts I really hope we get more than just one mission per pack but one is better than none i guess.

I didn’t buy the season pass. I spent it on overwatch preorder. I’ll buy Doom expansions before I do for bb.

There will be free taunts and skins, there will also be the ones that come with the DLC.

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I know that many skins and taunts are going to be free. My problem is with the skins you get for ranking up not feeling rewarding at all, as well as the fact that those free tier 2 skins may suffer from the horrible drop rates many non rank recolors do, assuming there put in lootpacks.

I Hope I can get some kind of answer from a dev. The skins should add replayability to the game but currently available skins and taunts are so difficult to get I dont even bother.

I’ll agree to this, they are not very inspiring in most cases with some exceptions. There is plenty more to come though, it’s still pretty early with the game and in less than a week DLC so I’m still hyped.

Why are you here then? Please go to the OW forum and spread your positive attitude all across that board.

Edit: on topic, yes I agree some of the recolors are meh at best but If they had all the skins available now there would be no progression sense I’m actually fine with releasing t2 and t3 skins a bit later

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Have to agree. The skins, well same skin with different colors, looks like very uninspired effort. Guess I’m just used to other games which provide actual different outfits, not recolored same outfit. GB, different outfits, GB!?

Tier 2 and tier 3 skins are coming soon, which will change the characters outfits and such

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Thanks for the head’s up. Good to hear. :slight_smile:

Np :+1:
If you see my above post edit I feel if they offered all the shinys at once there would be less of a sense of progression

Happy gaming on your road to becoming a true battleborn

with you on that. I have no problem with progression towards unlocks either. back atcha Commander. :slight_smile:

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Agreed. I DESPISE the solic color swaps and refuse to use them. I only use the default or loot pack skins.