The Lifeguards Have Given Up, And So Have I

I have been working on Lore Challenges for a while now, and have come to a point with Alani that is driving me nuts. I don’t enjoy playing Alani, the only thing I like about her is her personality, and even that wears thin.
Anyways, I’ve nearly gotten to lvl 15 with her, but I’m sitting at 10 out of 25 for The Lifeguards Have Given Up. I want to rip my hair out, I’m tired of this character, but my ocd demands completion. If I could get a prenade together and just spam this at spawn, it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe we could work on some other stuff after, the more annoying lore challenges, like Benedict and Boldur’s playing with UPR/Peacekeeper teams?
My GT is Hermes The Good. Add me and let’s do this!

It doesn’t seem to work in spawn anymore (unless I’m VERY bad at with a whole party standing in the tide), it seems Alani herself is not included in the 5 since the patch.

I thought it was too difficult as well, until I got 17 in one match of incursion.

Overgrowth is the best place for it. Team fights in the choke make it simple, just spam it when things get congested and it gets done pretty quick. More so if you take the increased duration helix late game.


I tried it with @crimsonregret55 over the weekend in PVE and neither of us could get the riptide lore count to go. Haven’t found anything definitive via Google either.

I’ve managed to get to 16/25 playing capture but even then I may only get 2 out of every few matches. A very frustrating lore challenge.

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I got it. The best way, I found, is to play Capture or Incursion. Always move with at least one of your team mates, then if you run into 3 or 4 enemies you can get it pretty easy, especially on capture where everyone is fighting on the capture point.

Some games you may get 3 or 4 some games you’ll get none. I have a blast playing Alani even though this Lore is insanely taxing. Hope this helps.

Edit: I did all 25 Saturday and Sunday during this Double XP Event.


I’d imagine Incursion would be pretty simple, especially late game when she’s able to reduce the cooldown of skills. I’ll try out Capture first, though.

Thanks btw. Excited to take her out into PvP again. Been a while.

It doesn’t. It seems that you either have to heal a teammate or damage an enemy for it to count. It took me forever to get it as well.

Wouldn’t increasing their speed be affecting them though? That should count.
That means if you choose to heal with geyser, your screwed.

Ha! I wish I only had to get 25. I finished up the 50 two days before the patch hit that changed it. I’m not complaining too much because all the time I had to put in playing her, I got really good with her and she ended up becoming my new go to main. I have more fun playing Alani than any other BB.

Best combination of map and game mode, Incursion Overgrowth. Its the easiest map to line up multiple teammates and enemy team to hit 5. Monuments might be another good choice, I can’t really say because i finished it before that map was released.


You would think monuments would be good, but the hot spots are the alley and the area before those stairs. The problem in the alley is that people tend to filter between both sides, sticking to the walls like their breaching and clearing a room, and near the stairs, right before the sentry, they just disperse like insects in a field.
Overgrowth IS good, if people try to come through that main path.

It does work in spawn, but it only works after the countdown timer reaches zero to officially start the match. So you’re only going to get 1 each time at spawn. That’s assuming you get your team to line up for you to hit them all with it.

I don’t think Alani herself counts towards the five player total, but I know for a fact that NPCs (e.g. Melka and Deande) in story mode count. Try going to Heliophage with a full team of Alani’s, and spamming Riptide until the universe ends.

If Alani doesn’t count anymore, that was something that was changed with the patch then cause it used to. Like I said though i can’t really testify to anything about her challenges after the patch since I finished them all before hand

I’ve givin up on this too, they should change it to 4 instead of 5.

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This is the kind of lore you have to get without even trying. Keep playing with her and you will get eventually! Promise you.

You actually have to HEAL to make progress. That’s why spamming it in the loading area no longer works.

This is incorrect. You can also make progress by hitting enemies with the DOT from the fourth middlle Helix upgrade. If you take both HOT and DOT for Riptide you can get progress by a combination of enemies and friendlies through dmg and heals.

So the pushback effect doesn’t count? I’ve only taken the DOT once, but I got the challenge before I ever tried it, so I thought the slow/push back counted as well. You have to affect five players at once, but it doesn’t specify what effects work.

I NEVER choose her DOT in PvP so it never entered my mind that it could be a thing so thanks for the clarification.

I really wish I knew cause I’m sitting here at 4 times out of the 25. I’ve basically given up on this challenge as well. I tried doing the healing and DoT but the burst from Geyser is so much more effective.

Technically, any effect should be fine, as long as it actually does something to the target(s).
The slow from Wet Blanket should also work, as far as hitting enemy Battleborn goes.

That being said, HoT + DoT is also my standard build, unless additional slow is required.

Also, I have to agree with those above who mentioned PvP for this lore challenge.
Especially Overgrowth (choke points) seems to yield good results. I made it up to 17/25 in the last days, while simultaneously doing the Ambra Kill Lore.

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