The lifeguards have given up help

I feel dumb asking for tips but dang. I can’t seem to get people in my pool. Like it’s a disease. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting this lore done?

I’m level 15 and have only managed to get 3 out of the 50.


I’m also interested in any tips or confirmation that this can be done in a private story mode with firends?

Probably can do it in private PvE missions. It just says “players” so in theory you could include yourself in that. Though in PvP it should be easier because you have 10 people total (or SHOULD have 10)…

yeah but have to hope for big team fight were everyone is super grouped up. If the enemy team is playing smart that shouldn’t happen though. Was hoping it was thing that could be easier in PVE since I have to hunt down 25 Ambras lol. Although after I complete her Lore I will start playing as Amrba and try to help out other Alani players a bit, but not every game lol ;).


It’s off topic but I was thinking about the same

I haven’t pvped with her

Just for clarification. Is it just players effected by the skill? So both allies and enemies? Because the skill buffs allies and slows enemies.

No. The skill buffs allies without any helix choices period. It does a blunt 60ish damage (no slow) and “pushes” away enemies but honestly, it’s pretty terrible at that. You can spec it to have a DoT or slow enemies in helix level 4.

Lol no I mean for the lore challenge. My question is if I can get this done by hitting both enemies and allies so long as the total affected equates to 5 in one go? Because hitting the entire opposing team with one wave just doesn’t happen.

It HAS to be just players or I would have had that done my first play. We all would. However it says affect 5 players with a single Riptide. What appears to be happening, in my experience, is it’s only counting allies. Not opposing players (if you spec slow, DoT, or the base damage, or “push”) or a combination of both (buff/dmg/debuff/push).

It’s super annoying. I think I need to work out how to set up a semi controlled way to test that.

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Oh so you can count yourself along with your 4 other teammates? So long as I step in the leftover pool that’s left behind? Because if this is true the challenge could be completed in the starting platform before the doors open in any pvp match.

Yeah it counts you because the ones I have were from pve only. I’m also thinking it may only count once per game because I know I landed many in story mode but it only counted 1.


If it’s anything like Miko’s or Ambra’s lore challenges, you can do it through story mode with a cooperative group.

To clarify, Miko counted as one of the allies in regards to healing with Fungus Among Us. Ambra counted for healing with Sunspots.

So, try finding a helpful group who will stand close together, and if all five of you are in it, it could work. That is, if it counts you as a player.

Edit: After replying it took me to the bottom of the thread, and I saw that you had confirmed that it works for PvE. My post wasn’t much help. Sorry about that.

Lol. It’s OK. I need a group that’s willing to give me 5 minutes in story mode to spam hit us all in a line and see if it counts them all…or just once as I suspect.

What console?

I’m on ps4.

Been doing only pve with her and I my friend and I have been trying to find a way… nothing on purpose worked but we have 7 and 11 on record so fat :confused:

Actually, the best way is probably 5 players playing alani starting a pve mission. They line up themselves, the person the more on one side use riptide and quickly move to the other side of the line whil it’s active (in order to be affected too). Then the player now on the line’s extremity do the same, and so on. Shouldn’t take more than 12-15 minutes to complete the challenge for the 5 Alani together, even without cd reduction gear, even if they are at 0/50 at the start.

If you don’t want to get a group to do it, and like playing PvP, you can spam Riptide in your base. You can use it every 3 seconds and it’s pretty easy to get everyone in it. If you do have a team of 5 people, it’s even easier to get in PvP than PvE. ;p

Is anyone else having trouble with this lore not registering your five people affected? I’ve done it numerous times at the start of pvp matches and it doesn’t count, but then one match counted twice when I was doing the EXACT same thing before the match started. WTH?!