The Like, follow&obey heads are finally available for everyone(kinda)

Just got a mail saying if I would reconfirm my shift profile settings I will get the streamer heads as a reward.

Glad they are finally here but kinda scummy to tie them to Shift instead of giving them to everyone via a Hot Fix or something.

Also got a question my Shift name is blank, do I have to enter my forum name?

EDIT: For anyone that has problems:


so publicity spam for skins huh?


Yes like I said pretty scummy that after having to wait for a year, they make us do this.

And I can‘t even get them because when I insert OMEGA as the updated name it says it‘s already taken… duh!

Would be really glad if someone could shed some like on this for me. Do I have to basically change my user name? @Noelle_GBX @GrzesPL

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That’s weird, as far as I understand the only thing they care about is to validate email, your shift name should not matter


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It basically asks me to confirm or enter: Email, name, age and agree to the user therms, which were all blank for some reason (except email). Now only ask for the name.

If that is okay to ask is your shift name the same as your forum name or is a shift account basically = forum user? Because it says it will delete all my messages on here or something if I change it.

Because maybe the problem here is that I never signed up here. You see, I‘ve been lurking on these forums for as long as they existed way back from the old forum in 2012 but never signed up. Then someday while checking on here pre-launch I saw that somehow my PC took my saved Shift data and created a profile on its own. So I just changed the existing name ( real one + a bunch of random numbers) to OMEGA and here we are :man_shrugging:

But figures that after waiting for over a year I have to put up with this new nonsense… I just hope that some moderator can help me because I really don‘t want to accidentaly delete my whole profile on here just because I try to put a 0 infront of my name or something.

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My shift name is different than my forum name, however I use the shift account to login here so there is indeed some link


Yes I do the same which makes me wonder if it would even cause problems if I input some name now… but it says all my previous quotes or something will get deleted.

So the question is if I input a different name there, will it alter my forum name or even access or will it basically do nothing because there wasn’t a profile “tied” to it till now.

It does not seem to be the case, I altered my shift name and back and nothing special seemed to happen here

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Thank you really much. That is weird it explicitly tells me I can change the name only a single time, and you could just change the user name back and forth?

Well I might give it a try or well… goodbye cruel world :laughing:

Frankly as the mail is the identifier for login, I don’t think the so called user name in shift is that important, all the databases check are made on the email

I believe the way it works is that SHIFT has become the single sign-on for your forum account? Changing your forum account name does break certain things (@ mentions in existing posts being one) but I don’t think it actually deletes anything. I believe you can indeed have a different SHIFT name - which is the one that will be used for things like match-making via SHIFT.


Is that a PC only thing?

Well I‘m glad I‘m still here but I tried to “change” the shift name now 3 times and either it says it‘s already taken or invalid… this is getting… kinda dumb in an really funny/not funny way.

But thanks for all the help guys!

So it seems I‘m still me. Took me 5 other tries and for whatever reason my Shift rewards are now in Spanish, Portuguese?

Again thanks you two (3).

*Double post to see if something has changed.

I can’t get it to remember my age. I’ve confirmed my email, entered a country, checked the box for spam, and entered a month and year. It doesn’t seem to remember that. No skins in my Social box in game. Any suggestions?


Great now it is randomly changing the language on the fly AND now it asks me to verify everything all over again aaaarrrggh.

@ForgedPatriarch How/where/when exactly did you get the confirmation you posted above?

But now, despite only playing solo, I’ll feel slightly less special!

(Happy everyone’s finally getting the Anubis head)

@tecwrtr @shadow3k1 I‘m not sure if this was a mistake I made 8 years ago or if this is currently bugged but I changed the month to the next after the real one while keeping the right year and this seemed to work. Still didn‘t get a confirmation but they now show under my reward tab.


I can confirm that works, and it might be bugged. I know for sure which month I selected when I signed up. Right now I selected the next month after the real one, and it’s confirmed. These skins came as a big surprise.

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Glad it did. You really gotta admire how consistent they are in putting bugs in everything affiliated with BL3, not only the game itself :laughing:

Thank you GBX it just took me over 3h and it‘s almost 4am now…

And I can already see how the “new” bugged/false date will bite me in the butt, the next time it needs to be verified.

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