The Like, follow&obey heads are finally available for everyone(kinda)

Is that a PC only thing?

Well I‘m glad I‘m still here but I tried to “change” the shift name now 3 times and either it says it‘s already taken or invalid… this is getting… kinda dumb in an really funny/not funny way.

But thanks for all the help guys!

So it seems I‘m still me. Took me 5 other tries and for whatever reason my Shift rewards are now in Spanish, Portuguese?

Again thanks you two (3).

*Double post to see if something has changed.

I can’t get it to remember my age. I’ve confirmed my email, entered a country, checked the box for spam, and entered a month and year. It doesn’t seem to remember that. No skins in my Social box in game. Any suggestions?


Great now it is randomly changing the language on the fly AND now it asks me to verify everything all over again aaaarrrggh.

@ForgedPatriarch How/where/when exactly did you get the confirmation you posted above?

But now, despite only playing solo, I’ll feel slightly less special!

(Happy everyone’s finally getting the Anubis head)

@tecwrtr @shadow3k1 I‘m not sure if this was a mistake I made 8 years ago or if this is currently bugged but I changed the month to the next after the real one while keeping the right year and this seemed to work. Still didn‘t get a confirmation but they now show under my reward tab.


I can confirm that works, and it might be bugged. I know for sure which month I selected when I signed up. Right now I selected the next month after the real one, and it’s confirmed. These skins came as a big surprise.

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Glad it did. You really gotta admire how consistent they are in putting bugs in everything affiliated with BL3, not only the game itself :laughing:

Thank you GBX it just took me over 3h and it‘s almost 4am now…

And I can already see how the “new” bugged/false date will bite me in the butt, the next time it needs to be verified.

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It’s almost 4am here too, I know how it feels. And I think I know what you’re talking about regarding to bugs. I had them myself here in the forum. Don’t need to go that far, the Battleborn badge :smiley: since I’m signed up (almost an year), the thumbnail was missing. They fixed it some weeks ago.

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Finally after months I could finally do it.

I present to you, my Warframe Amara

Might have to define it a bit more or use the Revenge of the cartels skin but like I said, 4am and I‘m not gonna start to mix and match colours now.


Glad you finally have it. For my Amara I prefer the head from Bounty of Blood, but it’s my first choice on Zane and FL4K. I have them since April when some good soul shared the code with me.
Wonder if now will get a spare ones. Looks like not, they are unlocked on every other platform now (before I had them only on PSN).

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Nice surprise to wake up to. I’ve always wanted the Fl4k one.


The Zane one might go well with his new suit.


It looks like the programmer forgot that fields might already be filled in correctly, and only by changing a value does confirmation get triggered. Pretty sad.


Maybe, but I didn’t had to change anything, right after log in on the SHIFT site there was a message about the skins being delivered in up to 30 minutes.

All I did was uncheck the marketing email box and submit. Then when I refreshed the page, it was back asking me to confirm. I had to edit a couple of fields before the confirmation prompt disappeared.

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Yeah I had to do that age group workaround (choose another date) to get it to stick.

Heh that happened to me too.


Having the same issue here.

There’s a new skin option, i just got the email.

Anyways it says you gotta "verify, and update your profile, I did that… and i still can’t redeem the new skins.

Is anyone else having issues with the new skins ?


Yes, and I‘m currently trying to figure out the same over here: The Like, follow&obey heads are finally available for everyone(kinda)

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