The Little Things: A Change of Tone

There has been a huge influx of negativity within the forums; I am guilty of contributing to it…BUT let’s change it up a bit, shall we?

Let’s share little things in Battleborn that you really really like, something that could go unnoticed if you’re not really paying attention.

Below is one of my favorite little things in the game; it’s the dynamics between Orendi (my favorite character) and Galilea. I didn’t really notice that they had any sort of connection until about 2 months ago after the Winter Update when I started to hear some VERY interesting and hilarious things coming out of Orendi’s mouth.

I dunno how to edit videos, so unfortunately there will be times when nothing is happening/being said except for Orendi jumping around waiting for Gali to respawn. I made a little guide to show where the pertinent voice lines are.


“D-D-DEAD AS HELL!! Ha, tell me about it.” 1:01 (I’m not really too sure on what she says at the beginning though)

“Let me get them digits, Galilea. RIGHT OFF YOUR HAND!” 2:08


“Swordlady, Galilea…How are you?” 3:22


“CRAZY ONE IS DEAD NOW! I think her name was Galallalala-something”

thanks @matttgoodman for dying for my entertainment.


One of the little things that I like more than I should: The taunt spamming introduced in winter update. Makes me smile every time I do it in character select. I even bought Rath’s “Balanced Blade” taunt (previously the only one I didn’t have) just so I could spam it in character select. It’s pretty funny to see him just bounce his sword on his hand over and over again.


ISIC is the best thing in Battleborn… scratch that. ISIC is the best thing everywhere.


Speaking of ISIC, I love how in the winter update they gave Kelvin some dialogue when he sees/kills ISIC. All of which are pretty damn good. My favorite being “Warning! I’m not going to let you push me around ISIC!”. Kelvin’s tone of voice when he says that makes him sound very intimidating, and it’s a real shame I don’t come across many ISICs in pvp, I’d love to hear all those quotes more often.

The influx of new dialogue since WU, as mentioned by the OP.

Heard one that was soooo weird / creepy / cute a couple months back playing with @Handsomecam when his TOBY spotted an enemy Pendles and asked, in like the creepiest tone ever, “Peeeennnddllleeesss, what’s your perfect Sunday?”

We were all like “The ■■■■ did we just hear?”

Recently, one of my team mates killed a Pendles as ALANI and she said, “That’s for telling me pants go on your ARMS!”

I had been drinking and that mental image just cracked me up!


Yeah the taunt spamming is GOLD. I love spinning Aurox in endless circles above SHAYNE!


It’s still the only true fps/moba hybrid on the market. That is probably the biggest reason I still play. I like the freedom of movement and verticality that most mobas lack. There is more skill in landing hits than just locking on to someone and auto attacking. There is more skill involved in killing someone than just getting the first shot off also. There is more strategy involved than other fps games without losing that fast paced action.
While I recognize and even appreciate the many artistic details that the dev team and the voice actors obviously worked very hard on, I’ve gotten to the point where they no longer dazzle me. I suppose that is inevitable when you play as much as I do though.

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The main thing that keeps me coming back day after day hour after hour, and it’s been this way for many months now, are the great and wonderful friends I’ve made who I talk to and play Battleborn with every day.

If i didn’t have awesome people to laugh with in our chat and on mic, I guarantee that I would play Battleborn WAY less.

Aside from that, the main thing that keeps me coming back is I feel like I am consistently improving as a player and I know for a fact that I am a MUCH better PVPer now than I was even just a month or two ago!


Not really related to Battleborn as such, but binging with @Deande and shenanigans with @blainebrossart1 and the gang have been some of my highlights.

So I guess, my favourite thing about Battleborn after so many hours is the players I’ve met and the people I’ve befriended.

And don’t worry, community badass, I haven’t forgotten you :stuck_out_tongue: After most of the Aussie crew moved on and I found myself among the last, I hooked up with @FlamesForAll and he introduced me to virtually the whole community on PS4 through his forum folks chat (which I’ve since left several times, stop inviting me back damn it!)


That last one cracked me up :stuck_out_tongue:

But how the hell, at 3:30 did you get two assists for pushing her off the edge? :stuck_out_tongue:

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One of my favourite things in Battleborn is probably really strange to most but is the fact that all the characters have unique perspectives (was close to writing FoV, but I assume that’d be wrong).

  • I love how you can see Attikus’ horns when running.
  • How you can see yourself sitting in the chair as Kleese when you look down.
  • How Galilea’s shield changes appearance as her corruption grows.
  • How Shayne & Aurox are treated as two individual characters in how one melee strike deals two pings of damage, one from Shayne and one from Aurox
  • Hell, Kelvin’s perspective is through his mouth. Through his mouth. Need I say more?

And then of course the crosshairs! It’s not the same generic crosshair on each character, they’re unique between almost all characters. And is a fantastic detail to further emphasise the characters’ uniqueness.


Being able to see Attikus’ horns at the top of the screen neans his FoV originates from his neck, not his eyes

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It’s not really stuff you could easily miss that I like best, but all the attention to detail is why I love that game.

  • The sentry taunting a player in Incursion: I laughed until my respawn timer ran out when it happened to me the first time.

  • First person character models. I had to mod Skyrim and Fallout to be more than a walking camera with hands. I know that many people are annoyed that something like Phoebe’s dress can block your view sometimes, but I just love to have feet in a game and I’d wish more first person games would do that.

  • The overall scenery. Yes, the maps share a common theme (snowy on Bliss, gothic architecture on Tempest, nature on Ekkunar), but every map (PvE and PvP) has its own “personality”. In many other games you look at a screenshot and sometimes don’t know where it is since so many regions feel like a copy paste of sections from other maps, but every part in Battleborn feels unique in some way.

  • Gamemode and mission flow. Meltdown on Paradise just feels different than playing the same mode on e.g., Outskirts. In PvE it’s also the case and e.g., wave defense on Renegade feels different to Experiment and Saboteur again is a very different experience. The objectives are the same to other stuff we have in the game, but sometimes there are just those small little details that make it feel different. I like that and honestly, I’m a little sad that most of the playerbase is just focused on Incursion - Overgrowth. Variety is so much fun. :frowning:

  • The almost obscene amount of voice lines from characters and NPCs. Stuff like Nova freaking out on low levels with a tendency to push shiny buttons that can easily be missed, characters calling each other out, hidden dialogue in missions. I’d be in no way surprised if anyone told me that the voiceovers were the most expensive part in creating the game, but it was worth every penny.

  • Speaking of characters: The “personality” argument I brought up before is more than true for those. I love that none of the characters are just some generic copy of another successful character in some other game. They all have a rich backstory and they have their own style: Arrogance (e.g., Benedict), sarcasm (e.g., ISIC), naivety (e.g., Oscar Mike), joviality (e.g., Montana), anger (e.g., Thorn), sassiness (e.g., Reyna), …
    But the best part of that is: No one is just the stereotypical role model of the PvP attitude. Just listen to Oscar Mike’s and Thorn’s audio lore. The cliche CoD soldier suddenly becomes a person to you who feels lonely and just plays an act, because he thinks that others expect that behaviour from him. The angry and ranting wood elf suddenly is a girl who has lost almost everything in life and what you thought of being anger might just be stubborness and her way to get over it (“You took everything from me, you won’t get me that easily too”).


I’d just like to take a moment to be grateful for this game giving us all chances to meet new people. When we last played together, Slif, we had you from Australia, @SirWalrusCrow from Sweden(?), @Nemosis327 from Canada and myself and @lolattheseforums from the U.S… 5 people from 4 different countries and 3 different continents, none of us living within a 1000 miles (1600 km) of each other. We never would have had the chance to meet if not for this game. (Ignoring the fact that I meet lol in Evolve and had the opportunity to meet Crow there too.)

It’s something that I feel is very under appreciated about the time we live in. 5 people that live on completely different parts of the planet can get together through this game and have a good time. That is something I love about this game.


Fixed that for you.


Thanks, couldn’t find the right word for that.


Beautifully said mate! On the topic of people from all over, I believe @GUNZERKUS is Icelandic but was in Sweden when last we played? And an older lad too, age is no restriction when it comes to gaming but us people of all different age groups would likely not have met or become friends outside of this game, which is a wonderful thing to consider! I don’t even know how old most of you are lol, and I recently discovered that Blaine was much younger than I thought, but in this universe age and nationality are of no consequence, we are all drawn together by a common love for this game and that’s one of the things I will take away from this experience.

I met my best mate about six years ago gaming, and even met a guy on my street who years later I had mutual friends with and didn’t realise until much later! People who say gamers are antisocial couldn’t be further from the truth, we just socialise in different ways, but our friendships will remain regardless of how far away we are <3


Speaking of between character dialog, this cracks me up when Dragon sees Attikus coming:

Oh here comes Dog face

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Dude yes!

When I was taking KLEESE up to 15 plus match plus all lore back in the day, I used to CRACK UP watching his skinny little legs flop around when you jumped as him!


Amen. I love to be in parties like that, to hear everyone with their own unique perspective, cultural history and just accents while atill talking to one another as if though we’re all in the same room.

Speak for yourself! Besides you and @EdenSophia being great people to play with, the Australian accents are simply too charming! Went there in 2013 and got hooked. Even though you cuss a lot of the time, well, f*ckin’ hell if it ain’t wonderful listening to :kissing_heart:


One day we’ll get on the piss (Aussie slang for have a drink) together on mic (well, if you drink that is, should’ve asked that first lol, do you?) and have a good old time haha. I’ve been drinking a lot lately so it’s probably a good thing I’ve been away from Battleborn lately, I cuss a LOT more and tend to rant on about random ■■■■■■■■ but I’m a pretty happy drunk, even my worst enemy can become my (temporary) best friend when I’m drunk lol.

It’s pretty much the norm where I’m from lol, my mates are no different haha, when we all get on the piss we swear up a storm and tend to bond over music, I’ve introduced my friends to melodic death metal and we crank it while we’re drunk haha. Being Swedish you might know of the band Arch Enemy? \m/

Fully derailed lol, I’ll be quiet now :joy: Man I really enjoy playing/talking with you guys though, gaming (and metal) for life!