The LLC and the Eldrid needs a stealth character

Over 3/5 of the factions has a character that can go into stealth, but the only two factions that doesn’t are the LLC and the Eldrid.
Why is that?

If you had a thought on what character should be able to stealth in the two factions what would it be?

My thoughts would be that ISIC and Mellka should be the two

ISIC because I thought it would be cool to have a tanky character be able to stealth by useing his wards (in replace of the overcharge wards that become damage orbs), and Mellka since she used to have it but they took it away, and since stealth reveal abilities are now existing it would be nice to bring it back.

ISIC going cloak makes no sense nor does it fit him, mellka yeah it could work, but it dont really fit her (personally ISICs this might sting helix would be good if one, overcharged gets the orbs AND wards, and two, the wards were pretty nerf)

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Mhhh, I think Phoebe & Kelvin would fit better. I tend to use Phasegate & Sublimate were I´d use a Stealth-skill on Oscar or Shayne.
(But maybe I´m just crazy and play them wrong, so…just a feeling from a casual)