The Lob BUGGED after rework and stops doing damage! (potentially other weapons as well)

Here is a video showing it. This happened twice in relatively the same amount of time. Many others on Reddit forums are mentioning the same thing but with multiple weapons as well–though cannot confirm this. the last patch update has been great when it works but this makes certain gear completely unplayable as you can see. Can literally shoot the same guy with a full mag and he takes zero damage from my weapon.

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The weapon changes were implemented via hotfix not a patch. If you notice you don’t have the expected card stats for the buff, you’ll want to quit back to the main menu and wait for the hotfix applied sign to pop - shouldn’t take more than a few seconds tops.

If there’s still an issue after that, then you’ll need to file a support ticket.

I had the hot fix applied. This is clear by the lob shooting 3 burst shots in the video. I just mistyped and called it a patch. But no matter, its obvious I have the hotfix applied due to the changed Lob mechanics. I also reported this on Reddit and multiple people have noticed similar issues as well.

OK - please send your video with a description to the support desk - ta muchly!

Can confirm. This happens a lot. Seems to be some sort of lag.
I also contaced support.


Thanks to everyone who has been reporting this issue via Support Tickets and for the videos included! We’ve got eyes on this and are looking into the issue!


Glad to hear! Thank you! Can’t wait to go crazy with this gun XD

Can confirm I’m also experiencing the exact same issue on xbox one.

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I don’t know if this would help but when you look at the parts tab for the lob the magazine it disappears when you click on it for PC

I think its for some reason connected to weather or not your connected to your shift account because i was not and when i reconnected it fixed the lob

Hotfixes are loaded via the shift system, so being disconnected from it would indeed have an impact.

Can we get an update on this please Gearbox team? WHEN FIX?

It’s still broken :unamused:stuff like this is ruining the game I’m a massive fan of borderlands I played every title including the 2 mobile apps I’m only sticking around because I know gearbox will make this game even better than it is but new players will sadly leave beacause
they aren’t loyal to the franchise…

I’ll repeat the question above - are you sure the hotfix loaded before you launched your session? The Lob buff is still being delivered by hotfix, so if either you (a) are not able to connect to SHIFT servers or (B) spam through to the session to fast, you won’t have that buff applied.

This is still happening. If my buddy and I both use Lobs they do not register half the time, which kills my character because I depend on the life leech from it on my Amara

The Hotfixes are applied. The bug still exists. Actually, it seems to be worse now since the DLC dropped last week. The Lob will start lagging in damage with my Zane after just a handful of shots. Makes the weapon completely worthless since damage won’t register till many seconds after impact.


OK, sounds like bug report time then - the link is in the pinned thread at the top of this category.

I already reported about a month ago. GB manager has responded that they are aware of the issue and looking into it.

I have experienced the lag damage before as well, restart usually fixed it. Today i find that the lob has the damage expected but no longer fires in a burst. Did the restart thing made no difference, yes hotfixes applied everytime, never play without the ding!

The burst fire was what got removed in the hotfix. You should find better fire rate to compensate. @kabflash noted that with single shot firing, you can basically fire as soon as the recoil settles and do just as much damage as before. For reference, the patch notes can be found in the BL3 News section.