The Lob BUGGED after rework and stops doing damage! (potentially other weapons as well)

I used the Lob a bit on Takedown where it had by far the most issues with this lag and it seemed a lot more consistent. I’ll keep playing around with it to see if it has any further issues.

Seems this bug is still happening.

Recently got back into the game and farming Captain Traunt at M10 with Zane (PS4)

Really feels like a “lag” regarding the Lob’s projectiles and explosion, causing me to enter FFYL frequently like 10 seconds after Traunt’s death while I’m checking the chest in the back with nothing else around.

This guy here said it best

And what really sucks is when the lag clears and you get that occasional WTF Death. I was in a Takedown last night and three people were using the Lob and it became a lag-filled nightmare.