The Lob damage nerf?

Was playing in offline mode today when xbox live went down and noticed that a cryo The Lob I’ve been meaning to try was doing decent work. Looked at it and noted that the Damage number on it was 2139 with 213 cryo efficiency. Loaded up the hotfix when was able and the damage immediately dropped off and I noticed the number was instead 764 damage with 95% efficiency. I thought they buffed this thing in the hot fix but it seems it felt a pretty hefty nerf? Am I the only one to notice this?

They buffed the pass by damage it’s how the gun works that was changed

Ive compared offline to online a few times neutral modifiers and the gun straight up does more damage offline. Any idea what I can try to get a better understanding of how the gun works?

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They blanket nerfed E-tech shotguns in the first hotfix - because the purple variants were kinda overpowered. Unfortunately, the Lob was also affected by the patch - even though it was never in the same league as the Interloper or Protuberance.

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God I miss those shotguns, was really hoping I was one of the few that noticed how OP they were but alas :frowning: lol