The Lob gun seems to be bugged

Anyone find the lob projectile has really bad hit detection? It has this huge projectile that more often than not goes right through the enemies. seems bugged or im just not using it right?

You mean like a large electric ball?

THE LAB large fire orb shot but i find 2x this shotgun but one have -98% dmg rofl and other one have -78% dmg its really bad and stupid when in M3 drop this stats when super badass have 10000000h and this ball hit enemy per 150:slight_smile:

yeh it shoots a ball can be any element i think.

the 150 isnt a direct hit. thats the thing, when it actually hits itll do a few thousand dmg but it almost always grazes them for chip dmg. must be bugged.

Have to agree it is bugged or there is something missing in the explanation.
Mine is an Anointed Gunner as well with Fire Elemental damage (618 w/ 55% chance).

Base stats:
Level: 50
Damage: 654

Listed under the flavor text:
-76% Weapon Damage
+169 Splash Damage Radius

But if you tunnel into the exploded view by part, it has this( Green positive text (+), Negative effect text (-) ):
Body Accessory: +35% Projectiles Per Shot(+), +15% Accuracy Bloom(-), +10% Accuracy (listed as negative/red?), -5% Damage
Alien Barrel: -80.0% Damage(-)
Grip: -10.0% Accuracy(+), +5% Damage(+)
Foregrip: -30.0% Recoil Height (+), +5.0% Fire Rate(+)
Magazine: +0% Projectiles Per Shot (+)?, -50.0% Accuracy(+)?, +300 Splash Damage Radius (+), +1 Projectiles Per Shot(+)?, +620% Damage(+)
Elemental: “Converts to Incendiary Damage”

I could not find anything on what may cancel out what, nor whether it was all just cumulative or additive, but not only does the +620% Damage seem to say it should negate the -80.0% damage in the barrel, but the +300 Splash Damage Radius has either been modified down to +169 or should be +469 (not honestly sure how this is calculated). But even with only +169 Splash Damage Radius, I was not setting myself on fire firing it at the ground in front of me to test the splash damage itself.

Just what I worked out trying to figure this gun out.

when i shot with this gun and have mayhem roll without any -% to dmg this gun hit enemy per 350-450 and in M3 is this dmg ultra crazy ball move through enemy hit enemy around but super low dmg and ignite i dont show in any time

You know the damage listed on the stat card has the damage modifiers already taken account of right? So lets say a weapon says it does 100 damage and then below it says -48% weapon damage that does not mean the gun will do 52 dmg it means it will do 100 damage …the listed modifiers shouldnt even be on the card cause they are confusing but the listed damage is what the gun will do after any other stats on the card say…that being said i have came across afew lobs myself and thought there is definitely something wrong with this gun cause first when it hits it does no where close to listed damage and second the dang thing will almost never apply the status effect and i tried with a full rush stack amara shot a normal trash mob like 40 times and could not get a status effect dispite the high effect. Chance and my rush stats buffing that further

its patched now so maybe itll be good lol

I recently sold my Annointed Lob with 300% damage from Phaseslam.

well if its any consolation. i have that same thing on a rad lob and while it hits a bit harder. the projectile is too slow to make it really useful. you can run past the projectile lol.

Thanks. I don’t think I’ll miss it.

I saw somewhere that Gearbox confirmed it was bugged and are working on legendary balancing and bug fixes in an upcoming dedicated patch. Think it was on a youtube video. Hopefully it’s true, because there are many underwhelming legendaries right now, and the Lob is the most underwhelming of them all.

it was ‘helped’ in todays hotfix. but yeh the projectile is sooooo slow that you are literally standing around waiting and hoping for it to hit. but yeh the DoT damage is lots better now.

Ah, I see the patch notes now. I think the slow speed is intentional, the Lob is supposed to deal massive damage while slowly passing through an enemy that doesn’t move alot, like a boss. I don’t think it’s meant for general mobbing.

maybe. i only tried it on traunt and yeh i couldve killed him much faster with any of my other weapons pretty much. but maybe its just that its rad element. ill keep an eye out for another.

…taking my radiation Lob out for a serious spin today, and no matter how I use it, I can’t get decent damage out of it (no direct hits, but direct under their feet should infer full splash damage). Here’s mine:

This post is on topic, so I’m just bringing it back. Is this weapon still off somehow?


It’s possibly bugged but there’s nothing missing. Either way it’s just a bad gun.

The effect of the gun is disconnected from your character so it gets no effects from your skills or the anointment. It isn’t the only gun that works like this. It is easier to see this way:

Using a Storm with a +50% elemental damage anointment on Amara set up to add a different elemental damage to attacks, the shot itself deals all damage you’d expect but the orbs left behind after shooting won’t deal either type of elemental damage. They only deal Shock.

The same happens when you use a Kill-O-The-Wisp, when the main orb detonates all works as you would expect but the tendrils don’t proc those types of damage.

As a result all of these weapons scale very poorly because their primary effect is fairly weak and we can’t buff their secondary effect to it’s full potential (if at all).

All The Lob does is proc it’s damage at intervals as it travels, passing through enemies unless they are coded not to let it happen (most bosses, for example, will see it hit them and detonate).

Yeah, it’s still a terrible gun.

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Yeah, but ‘terrible’ means different things to different people. I’m using the Big Succ right now, which is arguably a terrible gun. Is it terrible because it’s not one-shotting raid bosses, or is it terrible because it takes a little over a magazine to kill a chump? I’m having a difficult time killing low-level chumps with the Lob, which makes me think the gun isn’t working as intended. While I’m not sure what their intention is with the gun (from raid boss pro or basic crowd control), I’d be surprised if it was a gag gun (specifically designed with abysmal damage).

edit - I dunno; it’s doing more against the target dummy than I saw in the field (didn’t notice any MM modifiers that would have affected it). Jury’s still out.

The non semantics kind: Objectively bad.

Oh, I know how to kill stuff with it. Phase lock it with Amara so it’s stationary and then you can guarantee it’s multiple hits actually hit instead of AI spreading out enemy targets and/or moving away from it. Even then it’s damage is just not that good.

The 620% damage on the clip is a standard clip on Torgue shotguns. It just reduces it to 1 pellet and then boosts the damage. If you started out with less than 6.2 pellets you get a damage buff provided you didn’t want to rely on sticky bullets. The Lob simply has that clip by default where other shotguns roll for it.

The other shotguns, however, don’t have the -80% damage on the barrel. They also come in up to triple penetrating so get an almost guaranteed 3 hits per shot. The Protuberance (Torgue Alien Barrel shotgun) with the same clip hits for up to 5000+ up to 4 times in purple varieties.

The Lob can’t keep up unless it hits a lot of times.

Where The Lob should excel is in AoE dmage because you can theoretically kill 5 as fast as you can kill one which the other shotguns won’t do. The AI in this game just doesn’t work in a way that makes that possible often enough to make the Lob useful.

The Lob has already been looked at and the result was only having the ball slowed down so it (potentially) does more hits. Maliwan weapons were also given an across the board buff in damage.

This weapon still doesn’t kill stuff too good.

If you’re bound and determined to think it’s bugged instead of just terrible no-one can stop you but it’s not the only gun in the game that’s just not worth using outside of very specific circumstances.

The Devs have also said openly that Maliwan use a setup/payoff structure that isn’t really working and when it does it’s not popular either and the DPS is slow (which is why Maliwan got an across the board buff to damage). The Storm and Firestorm snipers underperform similarly. The Kill-O-the-Wisp which operates very similarly underperforms. The Carrier (legendary Atlas AR) underperforms.

What you’ll notice is that they are all gimmick guns where the Gimmick just doesn’t pay off for one reason or another (and there’s a lot of Maliwan and Atlas in the mix too… ) so you’re just left with an underpowered gun.