The Lob Gun Silent nerf?

Did the LOB hot fix from a few weeks ago get reverted back? After the new patch with the DLC2 pack, it is now only firing 1 orb instead of 3. Anyone else noticing this? I know this was a hot fix earlier but with this patch they were suppose to be backed into the patch.

EDIT: The patch hadn’t downloaded when I typed this. Didn’t know there were 2 different downloads. Just though it all came down at once. Exiting the launcher showed the second update.

Thanks to all that replied.

Mine still fires 3 orbs. I hate to ask, but are you using the wil-o-wisp by mistake? I did that once or four times.

Still works for me. Three balls of fire coming out. I’m in DLC2 area right now

I have the same issue. Verified 3/26 hotfix is installed.

It seems to be Epic Games specific. And it’s not just the buffs reverted either as the Lob does in fact retain it’s high damage.

Yep, very strange. I’m on PC, restarted Epic game launcher, waited for hotfix, and it’s still broke. I also can’t see the new planet in travel menu. Possibly related.

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Same issues.

It also work for me, and I’m playing on epic.

I can’t travel to the DLC though

The Lob is working fine on my PC Steam version. I’ll try on the Epic version and report back as soon as the patch finishes installing.

No issues for me on Xbox. Leveled up Zane earlier in Claptrap pit using the Lob and it worked great.

Take a quick look at the damage. Should be between 7-9k. If not, the hotfix didn’t apply.

mine are 8000+ dmg, and only firing one orb atm as the op stated.

updated game, hotfixes applied, dlc bought but can’t activate for some reason

The DMG buff is there, but it only fires one shot instead of 3.


Strange. Maybe not a nerf but something with the update. Perhaps when you do a clean restart.

I agree it’s probably unintended. I’ve done a clean restart several times to no avail. Will probably just try again in a few hours and see if it’s been cleaned up.

Epic seems to have segmented the download. The info for burst might be in a part you don’t have? Reboot epic to check?

My Lob is woriking, 3 orbs, but I can’t navigate to Xylourgos. It’s not in the planet list.

Yep. I exited out of Epic launcher and opened it again, it downloaded a second update and now my Lob is back to 3 burst.


After shutting the game down and restarting mine went back up to a burst of 3.