The Lob nerf.....15 chars

…was extremely annoying. Grrrr.

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What nerf? Lob works even better now.


Really? I feel it still destroys. It’s not as good in my clones hands, but using it myself single fire allows every orb to go where I want and the fire rate boost means you can actually spam more orbs now.

If anything it’s a up, you don’t waste 3 amno when one could do the job just fine


I haven’t used mine since the recent hotfix, but it certainly seemed like an overall improvement on paper to me.

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I have at least one per character and it’s great.


Slap a Mod w/Torgue Projectile Speed / Splash and/
or Shotgun dmg coupled with mag size relic and enjoy.

Except it wasn’t nerfed and works better now…

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It wasn’t. It works a little better now. Has the same damage with an increase of fire rate. Offers the player less ammo consumption, better repositioning and control over their shots.

I used it for 30 min and it’s already back in my bank. It’s too powerful making everything too easy.

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Copied this in from a post I made in another thread discussing how “Bad” the Lob was now -

On the card -
Dmg 12452
Acc 84%
Handling 62%
Reload 2.1s
Fire Rate 1.73/s
Magazine 12

Anointed Sntnl 100% Cryo

Stood still the thing crits at 87k with 2 body shot tics of 47k.
This is on my Zane so also tested with hip fire moving at top walking speed and the damage went up to 103k crit and 56k body,
After a hit and the skills kick in I am getting 175k crit and 95k body.
The COM is a Seein Dead and only effective passive for this test is +25% weapon dmg.

LOL just farmed Thunk and Sloth, one of the Badasses outside the shed dropped me a Cryo Lob again with Sntnl 100% and base dmg of 12569. Maybe I should find an “It’s Piss” discussion as I am trying for one with OT anointment lol.

Yeah it feels better to me now. One orb plus increased fire rate was a good adjustment I feel.

Have you used it…it’s better!!!

Now the recoil is manageable and single shots are heaven!!!

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It’s probably worse for Zane sliding now.

Not for solo players who want to farm Slaughter or the Takedown, I’m loving it.

I found it to be much more effective in the clones hands as he was extremely accurate with it even over pretty good ranges where the burst shot had a lot of kick making the clone very inaccurate. He can also shoot it pretty dang quick with Boom. Enhance.


Laughing… “I” enjoyed the 3 shots.

Glad you are.
But I’m a solo player as well and farm those stages without it. It’s all about preference now. Just gave mine and don’t think said anything bad or wrong.

Besides, I actually praised the gun. Because of its drawbacks it has to offer a good steady damage output in return (which is the case).
Its just not for me.

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I would have liked burst fire to have been a secondary firing mode. I quite liked being able to run around corners, fire off a burst and move on knowing it had done its job. It feels like using a regular shotgun now, which I don’t think it is.


I definitely don’t find it bad now, it’s still god tier. Just found the spamming 3 bursts did a bit more overall destruction, particularly in slaughter shaft where I spend most of my time.

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