Is it just because I moved on to Mayhem 2, or has The Lob been Nerfed??? I could have sworn it wasn’t just firing one orb this AM…:rage:

Hotfix hasn’t loaded.


the lob got buffed via hotfix. you have to let the hotfix load in the main menu or you get the pre-buff version.


Also, if you’re not connected to SHIFT for any reason (such as a server outage) you won’t get the hotfix, so make sure the SHIFT sign in was successful then wait for the ‘hotfix loaded’ sign at the main menu.

Ok thank you. It usually does automatically update for me, but I guess this time it didn’t.

Thanks! :metal:t2:

Weird thing is, I did have the Buffed version. This afternoon when I started my console, it started up from the title screen (God how I hate that load time)…then my Lob wasn’t buffed anymore! Going to restart my console now and fix it. Thanks!

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