The Lob useless?

i cant even find a use for this Shotgun with my elemental Amara build
i just dont udnerstand whats this Weapon for…
somebody who can tell me?

Borderlands historically have many guns that often seem useless but many find synergies with skills.

I’ve heard a few people have been doing interesting things with the lob lately.

This game is still very new with a lot to figure out.

“Passing through” projectile usually do well with very large target like boss, since they tick multiple time. I didn’t dropped the lob, but it should be more or less the case I guess

didnt see a single build with that thing

It’s a month old, you didn’t see any builds with a lot of things in bl2 in the first month.

Most builds now are just focusing on the OP kill a boss in 2 seconds but later people dig into the really interesting things. Like in bl2 when @Exotek figured out the maya carpet bomb. Or years into the game people figured out chain reaction synergies, etc…

We know maybe 5% of this game right now.