- The LOButor - and - Seein Lob Zane - [2 Builds]

Hey Zaniacs. Just wanted to share the way I chose to use and abuse the LOB on Zane now that it’s reached godhood. The gist of it is - Executor boosts status effect chance, so does Ice Breaker, the LOB has a low chance to freeze but it’s amazing damage negates that and the clone spams the ■■■■ like it’s going out of style. So what we end up with is an easy overpowered non seein’ dead CCC build that you don’t need crits to maintain and double barrel once again sees some love. Enjoy!

Here’s another Lob setup for Zane which in my opinion is one of if not the strongest way to run Lobs on Zane. This build will make use of Seein’ Dead and also CCC exploiting the fact that the SNTL 100% cryo will freeze just about every enemy. The executor cryo only setup is great for mobbing but it does have weaknesses when it comes to bossing and True Takedown runs. This setup doesn’t have any of those weaknesses and harbors basically all the strengths. The reason for choosing to run CCC even though we have good misfortune is that the lob is not a fast hitting or multi-pellet weapon that procs seein dead as well as some of the meta guns for it. Taking CCC covers basically the setups only weaknesses and this will be the best all around build for Mobbing/Bossing/True Takedown without having to make a single change in the build.

Build vid

Couple boss kills using the build


Added a second build to the main post that is what I consider the best all around build for Lob Zane.