The Long Love Letter Good Bye

Dear Borderlands 3,

It breaks my heart, but we are done. It’s not you it’s me. You see I come from a different era. I played my first game circa 1993. It was Wolfenstein 3D. In looks funny today. Back then it was a paradigm shift. Then came Doom. A monumental leap. OMG. I had to upgrade my PC though. The 512 KB wasn’t enough for Doom. That’s not a typo, it was only 512KB. Then Half-Life was released on the world. Changing the gaming world forever. I had to buy a Monster 3D card to install beside my other video card. Then came Unreal. Both the game and the engine. Gaming was getting more popular than ever. Half-Life spawned Team Fortress. Online gaming was gaining popularity.

Fast forward a decade or two. I had my own little family. I bought my oldest a Playstation 1, then 2, then 3. He has a 4 now. I marvelled at watching him become immersed in gaming. It wasn’t long before he could beat his old man at any game. Then life happens, and I’m living alone with a PS3. Enjoying mostly racing games, Uncharted, BioShock, the standards. I stopped playing for a few years.

Then early 2019 I gave away my old PS3 and bought a PS4. The first game I played on it was Wolfenstein The Big Colossus. Wow, that was so much fun. And it was so free of bugs. Granted, it was out for a while. A Google search returned only one hotfix for it. Pretty good. At this point I never heard of nerfing. There were no developer interactions with the game at all. I was free to play it on my own terms, not someone else’s. I think you can see where this is going.

Shortly after I downloaded The Handsome Collection. It was free with PlayStation Plus. I immediately fell in love with TPS, BL2 and Claptastic Voyage. When I learned there was a BL3 I was extremely excited. I waited in line at the local EB Games and paid top dollar for the deluxe version.

Things were good at first. I looked past the horrible performance issues. I marvelled at the wonderful worlds. I enjoyed Zane. Not as much as I would later enjoy Moze. Amara is in between. Sorry Fl4K. You were abandoned by the dev team it seems.

Then there was the first annual event. I did not know events like this existed. It was fun until I realized I couldn’t opt out when I wanted to just play the story. I became so frustrated with the skulls I went back to TPS until the event ended. Then I started to read about nerfs in these very forums. WTH are those, I thought. They didn’t seem to affect me. I shrugged. Then I finished the game. Started TVHM. Then someone on these forums mentioned Mayhem made it redundant. That was a bummer. Also, there is no UVHM. What’s the point? O.K I guess Mayhem is the new point.

Then there were micro level updates. I enjoyed them at first. A chance to level up. But unfortunately, it was too easy. What took a long time in TPS/BL2, took hours on BL3.
The plus side was the first DLC. I loved it. The second one, not so much, it was O.K. The third one? Interesting narrator, but it was too short. The fourth one…

Well, this is when I realized we can’t be together anymore. You see, those nerfs were not only affecting me now, they were outright **** me off. I earned the gun. It’s mine, not yours. It’s fun, I’m not competing. Stop ruining my fun because of your less then stellar quality control. If you release something that doesn’t work as expected, it’s called a bug. PERIOD. Combine this with the ongoing visual **** space that is Mayhem 2, and I’m done. You took all those beautiful worlds, all that brilliant art design, then you just visually barf all over it. Spinners, ovals, skulls, drones, lava floor, c’mon!!! You’re sabotaging your own wonderful work.

Let us get back to DLC 4. I’m playing with a new character. New, so I can re-do all the DLCs and get the correct level gear. To me, this DLC looked like Nekratefayo with a dash of Guardian Takedown. Since the enemies aren’t new, and the attacks familiar, it was basically a level mission at best. Felt more like a new proving ground. I was trying to do a team challenge. It was timed, had to shoot those star-like things. This was after mind numbing jumping. I hate the jumping/mantel mechanic. I like challenge, but this mechanic felt fake. I play shooters to shoot, not jump. Don’t mind the jump pads. I’m trying to shoot those things, and Tannis is scolding me, and annoying the *** of me. Then it hit me. I’m not enjoying this game at all. I’m only playing DLC 4 because it’s paid for. I have reached the point of exhaustion.

I’m leaving you BL3, and going back to TPS/BL2. I’ve also met someone new, Wolfenstein Old Blood. What a shooter should be. To be fair, you’re more of a shooter/looter. But when the loot rains from the sky and it’s garbage, you’re better off playing earlier BL games. There is nothing you can say or do to change my mind. We’re done. I’ve deleted you. I have destroyed the media.

There were some good times. But those are gone. The only thing that remains is a sense of what could have been. Such lovely worlds and gameplay, if only…

Actually Borderlands 3, it isn’t me, it’s definitely you.

Sincerely Yours,


I’m with you, BL1 and BL2 from now on. No more per-ordering garbage unless it’s a garbage plate with extra mac, hot sauce and onions.


I read it and can relate to most of it and it shows how exhausted the fan base is really getting. Don’t speak for others.


I’m personally still having a lot of fun with the game 600+ hours in. Nothing wrong with quitting it though, dropping it if you’re not having fun is the rational thing to do, hope other games serve you better.


In same boat and wish you the best. I know how passionate your posts were in the past. Even though you won’t get much of a send off through this crowd, it wore on me as much as well and know the feeling.


Was wondering how long it would be before we saw post like this. Not that its bad just sad this game is what it is. I feel this is a new path gearbox is going down and it seems they need to go back to what the fans came to love. Look at the reveals and all the people that showed up hoping for a game that hasnt lived up to BL2 at all. Maybe the’ll turn it around.


Hopefully Godfall, a gearbox published title, 3rd person action hack and slash looter, will scratch that itch bl3 failed to do for ya sir

"Sometimes the lesson is more important then the current state of the game "

– Abraham Lincoln probably


Doesn’t jump?!? yet Quake 3 Arena, a founding father in FPS was vertical and horizontal combat… The mechanic is alien to Borderlands? Pfft… Cya


Haven’t been gaming for very long then. Welcome to the hobby X)



27 years … is long enough to know what he wants and if he isnt getting it.


That’s exactly what I thought.

Very well spoken and coming form a older gamer I can understand completely. As others have said I am taking away from this as a learning lesson, especially when it comes to anything from GBX or 2k.


Agreed, and let’s imagine Epic brought out a new big DLC for BL2 - then it would be obvious where the hearts beat.
IMHO BL3 tries to compensate style and humor with a sheer amassing of graphics (/capital), and that cannot work.


I didn’t want to be the first to make a whole post so thanks lol

Taking a long break but I’m planning on coming back once gearbox puts out this dumpster fire! Held on until dlc4 to see if I could be won back like TPS’ Claptastic Voyage but it turned out to be the last nail in the coffin :face_with_head_bandage:


I hear you. Being an old gamer myself (started as well with Wolfenstein and Doom), long efterwards fell in love with BL1 and BL2 even more… This is becoming something completely different from that and I don’t like the way it’s going… Gave up just before DLC4… Just can’t :expressionless:


I feel the same way. I tried to give this game a chance numerous times. Stopped playing after DLC 2 but came back for DLC 4 in hopes it would hook me back in like Tiny Tina’s DLC in BL2 and Claptastic Voyage in TPS. After beating DLC4 with Zane and then Amara, I realized how lackluster the DLC was in content. I didn’t even want to play through it again with Moze & Fl4k because I just wasn’t having fun. Even with Amara, parts of the DLC felt like a chore to play through a second time.

With the addition of Mayhem Modifiers still being annoying & my game crashing when I tried the Guardian Takedown, I eventually just uninstalled the game.


I got about half way through DLC 3, a period in which gearbox had several attempts to get mayhem mode 2 into a less broken state (but failed), none of my guns seemed to work anymore, and the ones that did were disappearing in the rear view mirror of levelling I thought, I can’t be bothered with this any more. The constant break / fixing of the game the lack of consistency with balancing, the endless grind of farming requirements to keep up with level hikes per DLC is just exhausting. My plan is to walk away from this game for a year, when hopefully it’s all done with its DLC / balancing / extra skill trees, and then start again on my PS5 when its in a finished state, as playing this game as a semi-service game / work in progress is currently very depressing.


I still don’t understand why people feel the need to tell a large group of strangers and a game that isn’t listening that they are quitting it.

In the immortal words of William ‘Curly Bill’ Brocious: “Well… bye.”


It’s okay if you don’t understand why. Technically we’re all strangers but in terms of BL, we’re a community. If you still don’t get that, that’s okay. You don’t need to understand.