The Long Love Letter Good Bye

I actually thoroughly enjoyed BL3 from day 1 and even made it through the Halloween “event” (which had ups and downs, in all honesty), but I haven’t played since. I’m guessing I’ve missed 2 other events by now and from what you’re saying, I didn’t miss much.

Besides my love for almost ALL of the game and the quality polish, I very quickly got tired of re-evaluating each new weapon I found (by the absolute BUTTLOAD all throughout the game). It was even much worse than Division 1/2. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting loot, but having to dissect the minute differences and weigh the value of a particular nuanced capability against another, all while trying to manage this within a relatively-- very-limited inventory (even after they increased it), was absolute time-consuming madness. I felt like I was back at work, scouring through minutia within a spreadsheet full of data, only I didn’t have any Excel vlookup etc. tricks. There was no easy color-coded or comparison system to clearly delineate which was better, and you had to keep in mind all of the other weapons, mods, grenades, etc. that you also had back in your stash. This took way too much time and thought energy, especially if I hadn’t played the game in several weeks, and really brought down the experience for me. It’s too bad, really, because every other aspect of the game was so fun and enjoyable and well-optimized and visually appealing and comical.
I would have preferred a great modular system where you keep the base style weapon, and then can add various upgrades along the way as you find them. I guess you would have lost some of the fun visual variety and comical aspects, and maybe I was just being too anal about trying to keep the very best weapons at all times (and you also had to try them out for a while as well, because it could look good on paper but then out in the field just didn’t feel right or have the right scope, etc. blah blah blah this and that, you know what I mean if you’re familiar with the game…)
Just my two cents.

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Well Im having fun but denuvo is pissing me off, sometimes it triggers when the game crashes. I just bought the dlcs, and I thought I tried to run the game in windows instead of linux to see if the performance was better, but ofc it triggered denuvo and I have to wait 24 hours to try the game on windows, It really makes me want to demand my money back alltho I love the game. Hell I even bought the game twice once on epic store but it was hard to get it working on linux, and now on steam.

Aww yeah, Gitsi’s my friend! I used live near there and frequented many times after a night out partying our butts off. Too bad they closed, which I don’t get as that place was normally packed well, especially after the bars closed.

Also, DLC 4 should’ve been way better. If my memory serves me right, which it very well may not, DLC4 in BL2 was Tiny Tina’s and that is still the best DLC, for any console game I played, ever (so far) and I’ve been gaming for over twenty years.

What exhausts me the most is them raising the level cap 3 levels every 3 months. That killed my interest in the game, for now. If they actually state a final level cap then maybe I can feel incentive to play again.


This recent 65 level cap was supposed to be the last one for a while, and according to this article it doesn’t sound like they’re increasing the level cap for new skill trees .

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I literally just made a poll about this. I don’t see anywhere in the article mentioning a level cap increase. But they seem to think these micro level cap increases are good for the game (I think they are terrible for the game without diablo 3 like mechanics of recycling legendary gear, upgrading legendary gear to higher levels, or extracting legendary powers from items). So I’m HIGHLY suspicious that they will increase the cap.

For what it’s worth, I do recall them saying “they wont increase the cap for the forseeable future” but I have no clue what that means to them. And as such I STILL barely have interest in playing. I want to complete the side missions for the 4th DLC and get the achievements, but I am… disheartened by how they handled the past year. I also do think a big missing piece in BL3 are the random invincible bosses that provided interesting technical challenges. Almost like puzzles of how do I put together an insane combination of gear/skill points to kill this invincible? For instance, in BL1, for me, I built a siren that could run really fast and activate her action skill to heal/dodge away. So I had the ability to get around to the back sometimes and shoot the crit spot on the back. Takedowns sort of dropped the ball I think. Not enough of them either.

Here’s my poll.


Quake is a different kind game. Not comparable except only in that both are 1st shooters

This is an interesting point and I can relate somewhat. IMHO, BL3 made many more guns interesting in the game (let’s leave MH10 aside, there is an intense debate about gun viability there) - and so it is frequently difficult to decide what to use, at least it was for me.

Paradox of choice - having too many options can be really hard. The way I dealt with it was moving towards allegiance play - once you decide that this Fl4k is only using Jakobs guns, it becomes much easier. Perhaps this solution is not for everyone, though.

As a side note - imagine that guns were much more equally balanced compared to what we have today. I think it will make it even harder for end user to choose. I’d even say that if GBX made all guns equally viable (whatever that means), they’d have to reduce amount of drops.


If you want to discuss food, there’s a thread for that.

Otherwise, stick to the topic, please and thank you.

Took a long break & did a play through of TPS again with the Doppleganger. Had a blast. Woeful drops though. Came back for DLC4. At least the drops are better :eyes: Just did Psychoreaver. Took forever.

Here comes the loot right? Yeah, no. A blue cosmetic for another character & a couple of greens. Felt really ripped off to be honest. Then it bugged out & I couldn’t get over to talk to Sane Kreig. Had to restart. Not the ending I was hoping for.

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What he said.

I left months ago. I haven’t even downloaded content I paid for when I just anted up for the whole lot up front.

Flashes of the old BL3 brilliance surrounded by garbage dreamed up by devs who should work on something else because they have ■■■■ all clue about what made all previous BL games what they were.



Have yet to play the last DLC and at this rate will never. I decided after the wedding one (ugh) I was out, done, no more… Mayhem has been a mess since the start and when I bailed it was almost unplayable.

How could something so good like BL2 be this bad in BL3 ?


We’ve been lied to.


It IS meaty though.

I mean, GB had those active frames out, lazily banking on less than stellar wakeup on the part of the playerbase…

We really ought to have delayed.

Oh. Wait. Wrong genre.

Ladies and gentleman, after reading that I think we found someone with a bright future in politics.

27 years of gaming aint nothing… im 70 and i started with pong… now thats gaming.


The Good:
-Gameplay, moment to moment gun play

The Bad
-Endgame loot
-Mayhem 10



I picked it back up a few weeks before DLC 4, and I have had a mixed experience. I hated the boss fights for the fourth DLC (too much health, but some of the boss fight designs were really interesting), and the drop rates between all of the DLCs are so mind-bogglingly inconsistent. On the other hand, I played through for the first time with a new character, and I was enjoying playing on normal mode without Mayhem, leveling up for the first time since launch, at it was a blast. Too easy at times with legendaries due to their scaling, but was still leagues better than Mayhem.

I think what disappoints me recently is that Gearbox has slowed down hotfixes to reflect their patch rates because they are working on new content. There is still so much that needs balancing and fixing in the game, but they are prioritizing new content over quality of life.


I assume you are still an active player? I’m kinda curious if at that age does your reflex with fps slows down? Basically I wanna still be able to play games decently when I reached your age.

I can’t imagine the difference between a 70 year old player and a 30 year old player is much different to a PC player and a console player. One clearly has quicker reflexes than the other, but that doesn’t seem to harm the enjoyment of either.