The longest challenge in the Enemies Department - Zappity-Doo-Dah

As far as I know there are only 2 Drones in the Algorithm… The Mini Boss who spawns the Mines might give you more Progress, but I’m not sure if these even count.

If you want to get that on lvl 5 you will probably have to kill 5000 of them… meaning at least 2500 replays of the Algorithm. Given you get to kill them.

I’m at 112 now… I hope there will be Drones in the new Operations, as I can’t imagine to play the Algorithm THAT much…

Sabatour’s first boss spawns drones

Are there drones in PVP?

Not yet at least

Oh. Now I’m pretty sure they were meant to be there, but were later excluded for some reason.

Do they count for the challenge? Since the progress is only shown every so often I would have to check that… anyways it would be hard to farm them there cause you need to defend the core. Still better than 2 per run, but still WAY to grindy…

I’m just glad they didn’t make challenges for the unique Thrall and Varelsi that are there :sweat_smile:

Really farming the Thrall Jockey and Varelsi Minagerie would be too much :smile:

I believe so but don’t quote me.

Why defend it? Just focus on drones, then the core dies and mission ends. Repeat until satisfied)

If they count, of course.

Because I still need that dang Boots of Brute for the collection and hate the Mission failed Screen :wink:

I surely should watch my numbers after playing it, but I can’t imagine farming it for the sake of farming it, even if they count. I always try to win :smile:

Unfortunately, they don’t count. Just checked it.

Better be in the DLC then. Has anyone gotten all of the titles yet? I know there are people with 25 quad kills and they also have Angel of Death, but I’m not sure if they’ve gone all the way yet

I feel ya

The hell? I got the same number :smile:


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WE are almost the same in this game :smile:

Just put on “Live to Win” and montage your way to the title, guys.

Gonna need a montage.
(Choir) Montage!

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