The Longest Tourney : Round 1 summary and Round 2 details

Ok so we’ve finished Round 1. I’m really happy that you guys joined this challenge. Many tnx :smiley :smiley:

Here you got all the runs :

Tsunami’s Run:

Run time - 0:45 - 40 points

Jefe’s Run:

Run time - 0:38 - 30 points

User2136’s Run:

Run time - 0:42 - 40 points

Striker’s Run :

Run time - 1:48 - 75 points

bew_'s Run :

Run time - 1:33 - 65 points

F3’s Run :

Run time - 0:49 - 40 points

Run punctation :
1.Striker - 75 points
2.bew_ - 65 points
3.Tsunami, F3 and User2136 - 40 points
4, Jefe - 30 points

General Longest Tourney’s punctation :
1.Striker - 100 points
2.bew_ - 50 points
3.Tsunami, F3 and User2136 - 40 points
4, Jefe - 30 points

Ok so lets go now with Round 2 :slight_smile: and the challenge for this week will be :


That’s right.
Character : Krieg
Map : Arid Nexus Badlands
Game difficulty : OP8

Now, how to makes this challenge to work? You will need to gather as much skags as possible from the whole map in same place you see fit. Then manipulate them with singularity nades or some other way after starter kill to create some distance between them(obviously you don’t want to bloodsplode whole group in 2 or 3 chains).

General Rules same as before, which is :

  1. No Badass Rank(BAR) so we can make it fair.
  2. No exploits or glitches e.g. weapon merging.
  3. Voice and game sound must be hearable - this is to avoid cheating by using 3rd party stuff to reduce game speed for example. You can still add some music if you want to your run but all other sounds from game must be hearable.
  4. No Unoffical Community Patch and/or other 3rd party softwares.
  5. You can upload your run anywhere you want as long as its watchable and everybody has access to it.
    All gear and spec + No BAR must be shown at end or begining of the run.

Run Rules :

  1. Counter start after first kill aka starter kill( if somehow by accident you will kill some skags during the gathering process - then don’t worry, it will not be counted as challenge attempt)
  2. Gathering process must be also show(either after the run or before it) - you can also speed up a lil bit the clip if you want.
  3. You can use any method to build Bloodlust stacks - if it’s not any exploit or glitch

General Punctation same as before :

1st place - 100 points
2nd - 50 points
3rd - 40 points
4th - 30 points
places from 5th and below - 20 points

Run Punctation :

10 bloodsplosion chains - 100 points ( additional 20 points for every next bloodsplosion chain)
9 chains - 90 points
8 chains - 80 points
7 chains - 70 points
6 chains - 60 points
5 chains - 50 points
4 chains - 40 points
3 chains - 30 points
2 chains - 20 points

Preferable gear is Reaper COM for more grenade damage or Crunch COM for more explosive damage. Or maybe some other setup will work pretty well here I dunno :smiley: its up to you :smiley:

As before post your runs here. Deadline is 02/12/17 Saturday until midnight.

Good luck and have fun! :smiley:

Round 1 you can find here : The Longest Tourney


Wow these are cool challenges haha. I’ll test my luck this evening


I can’t tell you how bummed out I am right now. My Krieg never made it to OP8.

Anyone up for an OP7 => OP8 run?!?


What platform? Im on Xbox


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PC - you’re on console, right?

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If you are on PC then I can help you reach OP8 maybe even @StrikerZidane will join us :smiley:


FR incoming!


Psycho trio coming in, cant wait to see footage.


Any chance you could link to the detailed description of the set up for round 1 in the OP? I have no idea what’s going on in this thread, other than it is satisfyingly insane!


I’ve added link to 1st round in my first post.


I can join you guys op7-op8. You doing it now?


I’m sorry. I had to leave the house unexpectedly. I’m on my phone. We were all set to run. When I’m back I’ll see if you guys are still around.


no worries!

@bew_ , can you do a quick run on this and post it here? I cannot picture how the counting goes. Like it should be a chain right? they shouldn’t blood splode at the same time?

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Just figuring how to get them rounded up. Didn’t get the Skags from back of map and didn’t try separating them yet.

This is going to be a real challenge :exploding_head:


Here is an example of 2 Bloodsplosions:


thanks sun! this is very helpful! I got a good run so far XD


Are we counting the consecutive bloodsplosions? so in that case, it’s 3 right?

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It’s 2

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so the bloodsplosions after the initial explosion?so your fastball that initiated it doesn’t count? alright! thanks for clarifying!


I’m pretty sure that’s right. @bew_ can you weigh in on that?

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