The Longest Tourney : Round 2 summary and Round 3 details

Round 2 has ended and it was pretty cool to watch all those Bloodsplosion chains.

Here are da runs :

Tsumami’s Run

9 chains - 90 points

Striker’s Run:

8 chains - 80 points

Jefe’s Run:

7 chains - 70 points

bew_'s Run:

6 chains - 60 points

User2136’s Run:

7 chains - 70 points

Run Punctation:

  1. Tsunami - 90 points
  2. Striker - 80 points
  3. Jefe and User2136 - 70 points
  4. bew_ - 60 points

As before general punctation goes with those rules :

1st place - 100 points
2nd - 50 points
3rd - 40 points
4th - 30 points
places from 5th and below - 20 points

General Longest Tourney Punctation after Round 2 :

  1. Striker - 150 points
  2. Tsunami - 140 points
  3. bew_, User2136 - 80 points
  4. Jefe - 70 points
  5. F3 - 40 points(why you didn’t post your run dude?!!)

Round 3 :smiley:

The Longest Gunzerking.

Character: Salvador
Map: Southpaw Steam and Power
Game difficulty: OP8

For this challenge we gonna use the most overused gear for sal :stuck_out_tongue: grog+dpuh and rough rider shield.
You are allowed to use only those 2 weapons in gunzerk mode for dealing damage. Other weapons are banned. Grenades can be used but banned mods are singularity, transfusion and all red-text grenade mods Also banned skills are : “Down Not Out” and “inconceivable”.

General Rules same as before, which is :

  1. No Badass Rank(BAR) so we can make it fair.
  2. No exploits or glitches e.g. weapon merging.
  3. Voice and game sound must be hearable - this is to avoid cheating by using 3rd party stuff to reduce game speed for example. You can still add some music if you want to your run but all other sounds from game must be hearable.
  4. No Unoffical Community Patch and/or other 3rd party softwares.
  5. You can upload your run anywhere you want as long as its watchable and everybody has access to it.
  6. All gear and spec + No BAR must be shown at end or begining of the run.

Run Rules :

  1. Timer starts when you active gunzerk and ends when you go to FFYL mode or just run out of gunzerk.
  2. Class Mod is your choice, but you can’t change it during the run.
  3. 3 pychos at the beginnig of the map must be killed, if one of them run away thru the crate then you still can continue, if two or all of them run behind the crate then you need to repeat the run.

General Punctation same as before :

1st place - 100 points
2nd - 50 points
3rd - 40 points
4th - 30 points
places from 5th and below - 20 points

Run Punctation:

4 min long gunzerk or clear whole map in 1 gunzerk - 100 points(additionl 10 points for every 5 more seconds in gunzerk after map clear or above 4 min)
3:45 - 3:59 - 85 points
3:30 - 3:44 - 70 points
3:15 - 3:29 - 60 points
3:00 - 3:14 - 50 points
2:30 - 2:59 - 40 points
2:00 - 2:29 - 30 points
1:00 - 1:59 - 20 points
below 1min - 10 points

As before post your runs here. The deadline is 09/12/17 Saturday until midnight :slight_smile:

Good luck zerkers! :smiley:

Round 2 you can see here:


Oh god now to rebuild and get used to a toon i havent played in almost a year…alright challenge accepted


Share your build guys please XD
Outside zero (mostly), I’m just a copycat XD


Wanna hug brother?


No need. Just share your build :rofl::rofl::rofl: you don’t play sal much too? Let’s hug then


Out of all that time ive done 21.288 days as Zer0…god (yes i did the math)


There might be some debate as to what’s acceptable because they all deal damage, so maybe a specific list of what is?

For example : Chain Lighting ok because damage is not enough to kill. Storm Front not ok.

I dunno but I think we need to establish that.


Probably means stuff like a low level crossfire…time to farm for a bit because Xbox


I’m with you on that.

Storm Fronts for sure a no-go? I’d assume fire storm and fire bee are also out?

Mirv (probably no bonus package but are others fine?)
Regular on-level tediore/vladof/dahl grenades?
if I liked to be risky, are on-level MM acceptable or do they do too much dmg?

Also, since we can’t change com, can we change other stuff (grenade, relic, etc) during the run? Obviously the timer would stop while you’re in your inventory


Or maybe just no red-text? That would simplify things greatly.
We’ll have to wait til tomorrow as bew’s probably asleep now. But I’m going to go with purples for now.

Edit : @StrikerZidane , this is what I’m going with :


Class mod?

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Leg Gunzerker.
I just did my first run and ran out of ammo in a minute, so I’m going to have to experiment.
I just tried a Leg Hoarder…nope.

bew said DPUH, but I think I’m going to go Hard instead ( if that’s allowed lol )


Up for this since i just finished tvhm with roid jack. Ill use my deputy sal build wo down not out.


@nat_zero_six Just a heads up you’ll have to use the dpuh and grog.

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I know, that is why im going to use the deputy build i have aince it does not have inconceivable

But what use is the deputy build if you have to use the harold which doesn’t get money shot every second trigger pull?


The only significant difference with sheriff sal and deputy sal is inconceivable, all the other skill points is user preference.

Here is handsome dad using dpuh grog in deputy sal build. I use it also most of the time.


Ah okay I was unaware of that as I’m not a Sal player.


This is harder than i thought it would be. Its either we ran out of ammo or die. Best i could is up to oney only. We need singularity or tesla i think.


Make sure you spec NKLO or you’ll never get past Oney…and run out of ammo. That build I posted is no good - needs NKLO! I’m using purple teslas for stripping and healing and barrels - works great.

Both Striker and I have landed over 6 minute runs - and this is literally the first time I’ve ever Grog-Harolded.