The Longest Tourney : Round 7 summary and Final Round details

Round 7 runs :

bew_ :

1st try - 100 points


1st try - 100 points


1st try - 100 points


3rd try - 90 points

Run punctation :

  1. Striker, Tsunami, bew_ - 100 points
  2. Jefe - 90 points

As before general punctation goes with those rules :

1st place - 100 points
2nd - 50 points
3rd - 40 points
4th - 30 points
places from 5th and below - 20 points

General Longest Tourney Punctation after Round 7 :

1.Tsunami -530 points
2.Striker - 500 points
3.bew_ - 350 points
4.Jefe - 280 points
5.User2136 -230 points
6. Nat06 - 120 points
7.Juzang - 100 points
8. F3, Eugene - 40 points

Final Round

OK so I see that those challenges are loosing interest with each week so this will be the last challenge. For final challenge I think there should be something “comfortable”. So we will do Jefe’s suggestion.

The Longest Bounce on Vehicle

Character: ANY
Map: ANY
Game Difficulty: ANY

Just one rule for this run : It has to be on Bandit Technical.

General Punctation same as before :

1st place - 100 points
2nd - 50 points
3rd - 40 points
4th - 30 points
places from 5th and below - 20 points

Run punctation:

10 bounces - 100 points, additional 10 points for each next bounce
9 - 90 points
8 - 80 points

1 bounce - 1 point

As before post your runs here. The deadline is Sunday 21/01/2018

Good luck!


Since they made kreig heavier I wonder if that affects him when bouncing on vehicles. Can axton toss his turrets on vehicles to keep him on it?

I’m guessing turrets are a no. And vehicle should be far from walls/fences etc

I’m sad to see this being the end of the Tourney. :slightly_frowning_face: I enjoyed the challenges!

Well, I’ll start this challenge off with this vid:

276 bounces


I bet you spent longer counting those than actually doing it ( although I guess that goes for a lot of these challenges ). Bonus points for the head!

But disqualified because you didn’t use the True Turquoise skin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
( jk - that was amazing! )



Didn’t want to steal your fav skin. :crazy_face:


That skin has a rich and textured history. I also always keep it on in honour of @SomeRandomGuy11.
I just got 102 bounces. I’ve got some work to do.

I have a controller kicking around somewhere - I going to try with that. Somehow this is weird to do with a keyboard.


and i thought 10 bounce is awesome already.


My run, 340 bounces:

And Striker’s run :