The "looking for a similar song" thread

These versions:

For future 101, I’m gonna reuse this thread rather than make another one if I run into the same issue again. Which is extremely likely.
(NOTE@GEARBOX: Thank you for thread-revival and -repurposing.)</font color>

Of course, this ain’t just for me. If you’ve got the same issue, maybe we the community can help.

So tempted to post a chipmunk tune but I won’t spoil it.
I’ll ask my son though he likes this kind of thing.

Really am looking for help here, so any help is greatly appreciated.

I should clarify, tho, that if nightcore is considered ‘chipmunk’, then I’ve a tolerance for it as it becomes annoying past a certain pitch. Sorry if I can’t be more specific, but there’s a bunch on this playlist that should help to gauge my pitch and speed prefs:

Also, is there anyone that can play notes like that nightcore version of “Shot in the Dark” that isn’t death metal? That one’s really been killing me.

I was just messing with you, I asked my son and he just gave me the album for the group you like so I assumed you already have it.
If you subscribe to the night core play list I guess you can listen to all thier stuff.