The loot hotfix misconception

I’m seeing continuous posts on here in regards to people complaining about how loot doesn’t drop, but that’s objectively false:

Things to do to improve your legendary droprate:

  1. Wear ‘Loaded Dice’
  2. Contrary to popular belief, you will have larger legendary drop rate by simply playing the game.

Another thing to understand is how RNG and confirmation bias work:

Best of luck.


Gonna have to take a minor break from the game, getting too much loot.

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That made my day.Seriously tho,loot is in a good place right now.People not farming/having luck is another thing.There will always be that guy that did 3 runs and decided to report a low droprate,while majority of the players do 20+ and are actually used to do it if they want a decent gun and undefined amount of runs for a perfect gun.Love it dude <3


Yea for sure, the vocal minority is loud.

Found so many faisors/Lucian calls this week it’s nuts.

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Exactly dude found and later dropped to people aprox. around 20-30+ lyudas crossroads and sploaders , not to mention class mods.Its so easy to farm here compared to previous games that my best guess is they just havent played them and BL3 is their first.Thats my only clue since there is no other logic to be upset about a game that just gives you more than bl1+2 combined.

PS.New generation of rpg players that dislikes grinding trully makes me wonder what kind of RPGs have to be created to have absolute happyness.

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I’m assuming it’s just the bandwagon kids being very loud and obnoxious here. Drop rates are already better than they ever were in previous games, leaving me to guess that it’s only people who are unfamiliar with BL (or this sort of looting game in general) who find it terrible.

Fortunately, they will likely wander off to whatever the next hyped game is within a week or two and hopefully stay gone.

Even if it is morbidly entertaining to read all of these posts which break down to “ZOMG I FARMED FOR 30 MINUTES AND DID NOT GET MY IDEAL LOADOUT WTF BLIZ–I MEAN GEARBOOX PLZ FIX NOW!!!111!!!”


Im pretty sure they will wander off , Im not gonna say the sooner the better but yeah.Less crying and whining would be great for the devs and the general direction for the game.Its gonna be great when the devs make a decent balance for the masses and grinders like in the previous titles ignoring the minority (for good reasons).But that will happen after the level caps and dlcs are out most probably.

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Maybe it’s just a new generation type thing or you hit the nail on the head - these people haven’t experienced much of Borderlands. People keep referencing how great the loot drop rates and stuff in Diablo 3 were but they never mentioned how long they played for (probably under a week due to how easy it’s to get geared there).

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Haha going offtopic but for 2k paragons in D3 I still havent felt well geared there.Tho I get where you’re going since loot is literally raining there (Unlike in D2 where even with full sorc/barb MF you dont get that much).Borderlands is just like every other rpg that with more power,you want more power… but it comes with the cost of your time.And if kids dont wanna invest this time and cry instead its not gonna work.I generally dont consider “Please buff my X droprate , X gear” a solution to saving time.Its just a cheap way to express that you wanna be OP but you are lazy.Even if you dont have much time to play,if you love the game it will happen sooner or later with patience.

Yea once again I fully agree 100%. The instant gratification that is demanded by the average gearbox poster is insane.

People watch these videos or streams of people getting insane loot or doing crazy damage in BL3 but they don’t comprehend that it took that person time to farm that gear. Nor are they willing to accept the fact that you need to FARM gear, or even have the basic fundamental understanding of game mechanics.

Agreed for the most part. I feel like the droprate nerf on Troy was a bit harsh because he barely seems to drop stuff now and I was honestly fine with the Occultist being a guaranteed drop.

There shouldnt be any free legendary/top tier drops in any rpg.Its just that the devs are giving you free beer and when they want you to pay for the next beer you answer… meh Ill go to the other bar.They will serve me free beer for a week there too.Jumping from game to game until they realise one day.RPGs with really small exclusions are about quests/gear/story.Not a point and click mobile game.

I agree. I think what people are losing their minds about but haven’t totally figured out yet is when they watch the gamers who have 8-12 hours a day to put into the game being showered with legendaries making their life infinitely easier in game. While those who haven’t reached end game and only have limited hours to play, have to work with the new drops rates which takes them even longer to accrue due to a combination of new drop rates plus less play time.

I’m used to rare items being rare(ever hunted a pink tail in the original final fantasy 2!?), it was a nightmare. I honestly think it’s the reward vs time spent for the hardcore gamer vs casual with these changes. We’re it bit for YouTube or videos posted I’m not sure the outcry would be as severe.

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Pretty much man , spoiling is a misconception of actually teasing the kids.Thats the main problem because usually when something is good and seems overpowered its actually a combo of a build+gear.Both took some time and naturally when they cant achieve it for less than 1-2 days motivation factor dies and salt factor starts kicking in.

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Right? I was farming GenIVIV last night on Mayhem I and consistently getting legendaries. In about 80-100 runs, I got at least 1 legendary maybe 80% of the time. Got no legendary maybe 10% of the time. Got 2 legendaries 9% of the time and a single run had 3 legendaries.

Same thing with just playing the game as normal. Chests occasionally contain legendaries and badasses occasionally dropped legendaries. I think people are just impatient and expect everything to be handed to them.

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Remember that the Borderlands series have all been hybrid RPG-Shooters. Those coming into the game from an RPG background will very much understand the loot mechanics and how the RNG system works. Those coming from a shooter background tend to be more focussed on gun-play and mechanics, and less aware of the RPG elements.

Short version is: Be excellent to one another.


Playing shooters is grinding too wink wink without RNG tho but still grinding :wink:

Nice showcase. @MadCuzBadThusSad

I was trying to explain in one of the many *TOO MUCH NERF DROPRATE!!! threads about the concept of confirmation bias and needing a large(very large) sample size of farming runs to determine drop rates.

Thing is, I think the average person understands this concept but doesn’t care. They just want it now.

They will drift away with time, as I’m sure many already have.

Anyways, +1, brilliant thread!

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Got some quick GIFs i took all within a 20-30 minute window of playing:

You’ve obviously never played Diablo 3.
I was praising borderlands 3 for being so similar up until the loot nerf.

I’m what would be considered the statistical outlier, I’ve been playing off patch getting tons of purples.

Honestly we really badly need specific drops for allot of these legendaries, I’ve been farming for like a day now trying to get an elemental butcher.