The loot sucks. Badass enemies should drop badass gear, red chests should roll higher

Every red chest has been a huge dissapointment, and I have yet to kill a badass and get anything good. Come on Gearbox, ffs, what is the point?

You have this nonstop respawn every time you have to backtrack and get jumped by badasses, some of which carry stupidly powerful launchers, and you kill them and get jack ■■■■.

Do something about it.

I think they need lower hp. Too spongy for little reward.

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Be careful of confirmation bias. Years of dealing with RNchebus has taught me thus.

I’m only level 7(adulting sucks) and found a Leggy Jackobs wheelgun(it’s like a tighter Maggie!!). I found it in a red chest with only maybe an hour into the game. You’ll come across the loots, just keep at it.

Also, no snark but I’ve been playing BL2 at the highest Op level(8 then 10) for years and BL1 and PreSeq; Im now playing BL3 on normal difficulty now. Badasses are tough but they’re Badasses after all. They take a little effort to put down. Also, bob and weave to avoid attacks. Use terrain and slide around. Try to line up critical hits and use your skills.

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Honestly, I feel like the game was too generous on Legendaries. Several quests reward them free, and I was getting them fairly often from the Slots and random enemies. And once Mayhem 3 was activated, well it was like Legendaries went from Super Rare to common


Most of the loot in the first playthrough sucks:

3 identical Tediors. And usually its green.

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I’ve had three legendaries drop from bosses and tons of blues. I think you might just be having bad luck.

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Does this room count as bad luck? blurred possible minor spoiler from part way thru the game

everything was green.

I’m only at level 15 so far, and I don’t really have complaints about the loot but I have found it weird that as my daughter and I play together, her drops are generally more generous than mine. So many times we are killing randoms or open chests and I get some greens and maybe blues but she would get purples lol. Not game breaking just weird / interesting I guess.

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My wife also gets the better guns! Thankfully she loves me and gives some up but I want to find some for myself hahaha

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Rng in a nutshell.

You can’t have a game based on completely random weapons and drop rates then moan when you randomly get garbage. I’ve read a thread on here where someone is moaning the loot is too GOOD and it’s too easy.

That old addage about people never being happy comes to mind. If people were getting legendaries dropping every 5 minutes they’d moan the game is too simple and there’s no risk/reward system or feeling of progression or excitement when a super weapon pops along.

I’m level 17 and had about 6 legendaries now, way enough for such a low level, and they don’t even last an hour before I’ve overlevelled for them, I’m just swapping guns as I find them and having a right laugh with how wacky some of them are. I’m not even gonna bother worrying about OP guns til I’m level 50 and can start keeping stuff.


When you beat the game and turn on Mayhem Mode you’ll have more loot than you know what to do with.

Idk man, I got hella legendaries on my first playthrough. Was a little surprised.

edit: Rushed straight through the campaign. No side missions or farming.

There’s a thread a few clicks up complaining about how they are getting too many legendaries. Lol, “fix it!” they say, or I’ll have to return the game.

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Well, i have yet to have a legendary drop for me. Oh well i got a few purples anyway. As it is my first playthrough and only NVHM i don’t really care about drops tbh. I’ll get mine in Madness mode and the Proving grounds when the time comes.

Bad luck mate. Honestly there are people complaining of getting to much gear with no where to put it.

Yes. It’s bad luck.

my first few hours in i got a sea of blue and purple guns 2 legendaries just derping around with psychos and every boss kill has gotten me at least 1 legendary so your luck is just horrible. and now im in tvhm and im getting legendaries like candy as well as the buff weapons too.