The Loot Tinks are hiding

I was wondering why I haven’t run into these guys in TVHM, since I encountered like 3 in the first playthrough. I think maybe they’re just hiding now and you have to flush them out.

This Loot Hoarder was hiding above Under Taker’s lair, squatting there just looking at me. Once I blasted him he dropped down and ran around dropping stuff.

Or maybe it’s just buggy enemy AI, I don’t know. How many have you run into?


I like the idea of hiding. They saw the thirst in our eyes week one.

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The real thing is that Gearbox like they have proven since BL3 came out, just OVER Nerfed their spawn because of the Jakobs Mansion thing and are yet to address it or back peddle on it. I’ve played 4 full days since that update and have maybe seen 5 tinks in that time period. Sorta ridiculous tbh.

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Meh. I want them to be rare.

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They should be rare but you should also be abel to come across them. I found the anvil to be a good area to farm for them but u gota go looking. But at the end of the day who is trying to farm loot tinks now. I never did as when I got to jackobs mansion the patch was out and I finaly came across a tink on the bridge killd him with a shotgun and he went flying over the bridge and Into the out of bounds lol. Was just looking at my loot at the bottom of a pit of death haha.


I found 4 today. It’s just RNG.

Ive only gotten 1 that i know of. The writing is so damn small above their heads that i may of missed some. Also, do they no longer spawn out of boxes and lockers?

I think I only found some in normal playthrough, but none in TVHM yet.

I’m generally not a fan of endless farming but Loot Tinks at Jacobs, offline on normal Mayhem 3 is very fun and not that easy if the right badasses spawn.

I’ve had 3 spawn in one run, had like 14 legendaries. Anointed suck when they spawn but you can get them if your patient and run around like your pants are on fire

What’s the deal with anointed loot tink turrets?? Typically when these little bast*rda spawn I’m so busy trying to shoot their backpacks that I meg elect these things until there firing on me. Do they spawn from a loot tink? The anointed turrets seem to be effected by corrosive better than anything but I have yet to have them drop anything,

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I was hoping they would be like loot goblins in Diablo 3. Those spawn at least one in each nephalem rift and are easily found while doing bounties.

Sometimes you find that rare room full of goblins.

I wish they did that in BL3. Would be so much fun.

Ive only found 1. In nvhm. Im halfway through tvhm and nothing. Do they pop out of containers like bl2? The one i did get i have no idea where he came from. I was in the anvil at the time.

In Mayhem 3 near Jacobs estate if playing offline they are guaranteed to spawn.

I’ve had up to 3 Spawn. One on the ground, one out the door on second floor and one out of shack to right.

There is also a Jacob’s box on the roof, jump up and run to right side.

Watch out for anointed if your running mayhem 3 offline.

But you always get at least one to spawn.

Also, if you run around the corner from where you spawn by the little wooden bridge there is a cove. Badasses will spawn there . If you look up you will see what looks like a cave. You can hop on one of the rocks and climb up there. Often Loot Tinks will spawn there as well. Interestingly, after wiping out enemies in that cove if you go back around the corner, to where the shed is, I’ve had Loot Tinks respawn. Doesn’t happen all the time but is insanely fun when it does as it extends the run.

They spawn like normal enemies, not out of boxes anymore. The only way to tell it’s a hoarder tink is, they run away from you and will never shoot you. You have to chase them and ignore the real fight or they will disappear.

Thanks, good to know.

Also… if you can… avoid killing them for a while and shoot their backpack as they run from you before killing them. You can yield several
More legendaries before opening their backpack upon the little tikes death.

Havent seen a loot tink all week…

Started a new character, very first enemy i run into… loot tink