The looting/gear issue that kills longevity of the game

There are alot of problems that make this game feel less replayable than BL2 which seems to be the fan standard. The fact that one play through and your done… True vault hunter is pointless. The fact that there are tons of named enemies on side missions and such that go in utilized so there is no point to explore… (See killer six video Here for how bad this issue is) so farming is pick your boss and farm. (No variety) the limited time events go away which add nothing to the total endgame, they are just a seasonal distraction.

The biggest issue is how RNG and how bad the RNG is to get the loot you want. First off 95% of loot is world drop only so it’s RNG to get your gun and pick a boss will get you it. (Dedicated drops suck… I’ve gotten more cutsman from graveward than its dedicated source). Now if world drops weren’t enough RNG…let’s add gun parts that can change gun performance… Maybe you want more ammo in a clip… maybe you would rather X2 double penetration, do you want burst, semi or full auto, do you want high magnification scope. … So there is more RNG… Now add in that there are 6 different elements in the game that can potentially roll (including kinetic) … Yay more rng…now let’s add annoints. First off, an annoint is RNG if one is even attached to the gun if you get it to drop. Then there is specific annoints… So there are many that are useless to your character. Three per skill tree per character… That 9 out of 36 that your character can even use… … Not including the number of global annoints that are sketchy at best for your character. All of these chances are multiplicative too…

%chance of legendary * %chance of gear stats * % chance of element * %chance of annoint * %chance of specific annoint = what is the f-ing point.

Let’s say each of these have a 5% chance of happening (except for elemental which is a 20% chance of getting what you want.)…

5% * 5% * 20% * 5% * 5% = 0.000125%

This means you have a 1/800,000 chance to get the gun you really want every time you kill that boss… And that’s at the inflated 5% chance for these rng occurrences and that all drops have an equal chance (which we know isn’t true… monacle drop rates to cutsman drop rates lol)

They have made such a massive loot pool with legendaries that just aren’t worth it with annoints that are pointless… They advertised having a billion guns in the game… They didn’t mention how many are pointless. Oh and none of this takes into account that there are now 10 different mayhem level versions of each gun…

Remember when a legendary dropped in BL2 and you got excited to see it… Ah those were the days…

Thanks for listening to my rant. I love the game and the community, but this broken loot system (even more so with the loot drop issues as of late) is why I’ve stopped playing… Maybe they will have this fixed for dlc three and bring me back. (The takedown doesn’t interest me since they are still trying to fix looting on maliwan takedown…)

Update: have a reply below that gives a more real example of the state of the game
A)% Chance the drop is the legendary you want: 1/298
B) % Chance of gear stats : 1/116, 640
C) % chance of annointment: 1/1 if you play on Mayhem 10.
D) % chance of specific annoint: 1/58

A * B * C * D = Chance of getting the weapon you want

1/298 * 1/116640 * 1/1 * 1/58 = 1/2,016,005,760
That is 0.0000000496% chance of getting the weapon you want every time a legendary drops.


Wotan does drop his dedicated loot again.
But his legs are counted as chests, so they don’t scale to your mayhem. :rofl:


When I first started playing this game (at Steam launch) I couldn’t believe the drops. I mean mountains of orange streaks all the time. How generous I thought.

Of course I was accustomed to BL2 pools (BNKR, Handsome Sorcerer, etc), rates (10%), and parts (element, grip, accessory were what really mattered), drop level (+1/-2 : I mean, how many OP6 pearls did we all get?).

So very frustrating despite the relative (relative to 3 of course) few variations in parts.

I recently started looking for a BL3 parts guide. I discovered a YT series going through parts on a single type (Tediore pistols). I used to consider myself pretty well versed in parts but this was enough to make me throw up my hands.

So now I can spend even more time farming in BL3 even with almost guaranteed drops than I ever did in 2. Great for farming addicts. Bad for those who’d rather have end-game content that they’d rather be spending time on thank you very much.

In short : all your points are right on. I’m sure PC players are frothing at the mouth waiting for you know what to come out.

Still, COMs aside, I’ve got some pretty kickass gear.

Edit : I will say as well is the astounding amount of redundant legs. There are, what, eight legendary Jakobs pistols? More? Seems an unnecessary complication to an already convoluted loot pool.


There was a time early on when everything was new… but over time the fact that very little actually dropped and when it did it usually wasn’t useful killed any excitement.


bl2 longevity wasnt base off only farming , many reason why its fun even if people replayed multiple time . lilith dlc kill longevity due to boss balance and op10 80 level cap


Parts could make weapons significantly better on BL2 sure, but still a harold was a harold and a bekah was still a bekah etc. On BL3 you can literally get the perfect parts and the perfect gun and it can still be absolutely useless without a GREAT anointment and now if it’s the wrong mayhem level. They added even more RNG to a system that was already some of the heaviest RNG reliant in all of gaming. I’d honestly rather get less and it actually be quality than just more and more junk that just wears you down after so long. Especially when there is NO USE for bad legendaries, I.E. no grinding currency or anything like many, many other rpgs have so that you are getting better rewarded for your time.


I don’t need a great Anointment or special parts. I’m happy just getting a legendary I want to use, which happens for me far, FAR more often in BL3 than in BL2 (except the last DLC). Even when there’s not an event going on.

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I have to say, I have a backpack/bank full of orange gear- and at most I use 2 weapons (OPQ & Hellshock), 1 shield (The Transformer) and one of 2 class mods (Mine Sweeper and Blast Master). I’ve tried more grenades- since I’m maining Moze- than I have most other weapons, and of the manufacturers Jakobs and Maliwan dominate my stuff, except for the Atlas OPQ System so yea- things are a bit borked as far as balance goes. Sometimes, less is actually more…


Try the Monarch (Vladof), Kaoson (Dahl), and the Yellowcake (CoV) to diversify your weapon selection a little bit (at least for manufacturers).


Here’s the thing though : in a game with exponentially more variety in builds and gear, there seems to be a converse tendency to simplify.

I’m not saying one should, but if the Kaoson does vastly more work than a Giant, well why would I pack a Giant?

I recall an experiment : a group of kids were put in a vast open field. For the most part they all stuck together and stayed put. Later they were put into fenced-in area which was in a similar field and they quickly set about exploring every square meter.

That said, I’m not actually complaining. The game is not so ridiculously complex and sub-optimal gear works just fine if one doesn’t care about M10 (and some don’t even care about that).

I went through scores of different builds in BL2 and I guarantee I used every single bit of gear in the game. It just seems like in 3 there are so many more possibilities with fewer reasons to try them.


Also with you saying you tried every bit of gear in the game that also shows the amount of replayability was definitely lower in a way. In a game with random chance loot by definition of how the game works you really shouldn’t be able to get everything and try everything anyway unless you’re just really lucky / have a lot of time on your hands. Also with you being able to trade with other players it still leaves a nice balance to where you can get the things you want without having to grind for it if you look hard enough on the forums or if you want to grind for it to make more replayability you can do that. That’s why I think it’s always better to have the option to then to not have the option. There are so many different items in borderlands 3 I’m always respecing my skills and always changing something to try to figure out a new way to mix things together I may not have before and with the variety you can always be trying out new things and testing them. As I’ve said before just because there are things in the game doesn’t mean you have to use them, it’s good that there is an option. If you want to use the best and you don’t like the long grind trade. If you do want to grind, go for it. If you think a weapon is too op then don’t use it. It’s all about having the choice, I’d always rather have a choice than to not have one

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It seems to me that Gearbox went all in on quantity over quality just to keep players farming for a piece of gear that they will NEVER get (how they want it).
I’ve already stopped playing this game but still come to the forums hoping to see that the game isnt a total time waste anymore and that Gearbox actually fixed some issues but get disappointed daily … perpetually waiting on the next patch or hotfix has gotten really old now.

Farming items could be fun and rewarding again if Gearbox removed about 90٪ of the anointments. You know, the useless ones.


You are right most of the gears are really quite trashy and players end up farming all the same gear for end game content. this is simply because there are not enough viable end game weapons / build to go around.

I am waiting for GB to rework some of these legendaries or drop table to ensure that even purple weapons are worth using. They can just take a look at Diablo 3 for reference and you know make some adjustments.


“Waiting for Gearbox to …” is the problem everyone is facing. Its been 8 months and we are all still waiting …


I hear you, well we still have 2 more DLCs coming soon, maybe by then something will change by then?

We just have to keep a positive outlook of things, i love this game man would really suck if GB just left things as it is.

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Two peas in a pod …

I feel the same way as you. I too love the game and want to come back and enjoy it but in the current state, its just a waste of time getting under leveled and under performing loot with useless anointments.

When and if the game is ever back to an enjoyable and rewarding state, I would happily come back but being optimistic doesnt help the game recover. But just maybe giving the middle finger back to Gearbox will motivate them to improve something … anything would be a plus.

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havent posted on here in a long while cause I stopped playing about 3 months ago, I’m a borderlands player since BL1 day one. Bl3 loot system is very similar to DIablo 3, you get showered with loot with random stats, sometimes good…most of the time bad. I was against the idea of what im about to say before experiencing the bl3 grind, which led me to stop playing as i have limited time as an adult with a family and responsabilities. I think some kind of “crafting” or “infusing” for gear would help with the mindless lootfest the game is in now.

Eridium could be used as a currency for that or have a completely new currency you get by deconstructing items, the better the item is the more you get. you could then change the anointement, the element, 1 part on it… I really think it would help with all the current RNG were in.

BL3 took lots of ideas from Diablo 3, the devs said it themselves… They should look at the kanai cube and crafting system in there too. Imagine playing diablo without being able to reroll stats on the mostly good legendary you just got.

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I’d be happy if they brought back the Grinder…


OK first off, Salute to our Vets who have gone as we honor Memorial Day.

Now, I’ll sound like a 59 year old cry baby but…
I only enjoy normal play, not Mayhem or TVHM.

The crying part now…The green loot is wrecking it for me.
Every frikin chest is nothing but green loot in Normal mode.


considering that there is soo much rng
a crafting system to move a weapon part/anointment over from one gun to the other, would make a lot of sense