The lootocalypse is a bit underwhelming this time around

Already had plenty matches with no Epic or Legendary drop. So it’s pretty common.

It more feels like this should be the default drop rate, rather than a super event.

Please keep this rate, I probably won’t be able to nab the last legendaries till Monday (only talking about boss drops here).

yeah…I’ve got all the boss drops I had any interest a long time ago, i’m about to hoard creds until the next event just for loot packs

It’s definitely not the same. I already farmed the hell out of the week+ of the first Lootpocalypse, this time around? I don’t feel very motivated to play PvE. I’m just buying up the cheap lootpacks and that’s it.

I guess it’s good for those that missed the event the first time around, but for those of us that made good use of it, it’s a bit underwhelming regardless of what drops you get/don’t get.

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Wow, and i thought i would be the only one not participating in the second lootpocalypse, if only because i have a bad habit of spending all of my credits as soon as i can afford a faction pack…

It DOES seem like it’s uneventful, does it not?


i’m hoarding all creds until the next event

Which “Next event” do you speaketh of?

I am interested in knowing this as well. Do you know something we don’t?! -opens stiletto knife- TALK!!

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next lootpocalypse or heavy discount on loot packs that they decide to do. sorry if I raised hopes, but i’d imagine kid ultra’s release will potentially have an LLC pack discount with it…remember when ernest released? little things to think on… and remember


Oh, you mean you’ll save up credits starting once the event finishes. No point in saving for packs when they’re so cheap now. lol

I’m doing the same. I’m hoarding LLC packs atm as I wait for Kid Ultra and will save up all credits once the Lootpocalyppse ends to spend on any other discount that may come.

basically, sorry if I raised hopes!

Yeah, i’ll still be spending my credits thoughtlessly. It’s what makes “me”, “me”. Or stuff…

You absolute madman!

I can understand though, I will have 20+ LLC lootpacks by the end of the event, not counting the 20+ LLC packs I already opened yesterday, but I know I’ll be tempted to open them before Kid Ultra drops…I can feel it.

Luckily I’m very good on gear, skins, and taunts.

Too busy with quick match. Beat heliophage once, two epics, pretty good

The only new legendary es I got were two out of Jennerit packs. Pretty weak so far.

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Beat Heliophage twice, trying to get the doomsday key, got two pieces of common loot. -_-

Bought 200,000 worth of packs today.

Bulls**t results compsred to previius.

Speak for yourself. I’ve gotten plenty

Got it on my 4th run today and with perfect rolls, can’t complain at all ^^.

Now I have all the mission legendaries and will be playing only the missions I like: Algorithm (potential 4 legendaries per run), Renegade (the most fun/best map for me) and Sentinel (second best map and 3 potential legendaries per run).

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Wow, that’s some terrible RNG on a legendary level (please don’t murder me while I sleep. Ik I deserve it, but cmon, I couldn’t resist)

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This is my experience too - after all this time I still never had the Bola Target Finder so I forced myself to play Experiment over and over for that. After several attempts got a really bad stats one (I was shattered), so had to play it several more times to finally snag a max roll. [quote=“jicdarigan, post:15, topic:1547174, full:true”]
Beat Heliophage twice, trying to get the doomsday key, got two pieces of common loot

Same! Wanted to try for Doomsday Key - got one useless blue (low stats and negative stats) for all that time spent. Considering attempting it today again, but motivation is pretty low for it