The Lore challange so nice they did it twice -_-

Kill Ambra 25 times… wtf Gearbox! I love Battleborn hell I bought this game twice once physical the other digital for ps4 but these lore challanges are horse dodo. I had tonz of fun 100% Phoebe, Rath, Orendi, and Kleese (working on Shayn n Aurox now) and imo the only characters who have crap lore are the ones with the whole Kill a spicific player. Gault just needs First Blood so as long as you use free cost white gear( attack speed, attack damage and reload) with negetive heal power you can get it easily in about a day, Galilea and Alani haft to wait till someone is playing Ambra and due to her numerous nurfs she seems less attractive to some players. I hope you guys will concider changing these challanges to ether something else entirely or bringing the # of kills down to like 5.

Pretty sure the rest of the community already complained enough and a change is coming next patch bud. Don’t quote me though I can’t remember where I saw that.

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I think her lore may have originally involved one of the currently unreleased battleborn and someone last minute was all like, “errmmmm”.

Does riptide work in PVE plz, It’s so hard Q~Q

Yes it does it’s just hard to do because you have to wait for key moments when your team is in a straight line. Not to mention people that rage quit when they leave the team and die alone…

It doesn’t seem to work when i did it before? o.o I will try again though

I feel ya…I am kinda bummed out when I found out I have to kill her 25 times again. I already did it for Galilea and I wish I never have to do that again. To be honest, any lore where you have to get a certain amount of kills in PvP on a certain character should be changed. Even if they did not change it…why does it always have to be Ambra? Is Ambra such a hated person among the other Battleborn?

You have to get everybody to stand in a line, then run forward into it just to make sure, and even then it might not count - it’s possible everyone actually has to MOVE once in it to trigger the haste, or be damaged/healed by the helix upgrade, I’m not entirely sure. It’s such a huge pain. It requires a full team, everybody to stand in a line (like herding cats), and 50 (!!) times - or some combination of your team & enemies in PvP, which would be even rarer to hit 5.

I wasn’t excited about grinding Kelvin’s Micro Macro Mist Me, but at least a few per match is consistently doable in Incursion. En Fuego kills w/ El Dragon? Fine, that’ll happen anyway. Same w/ the hook w/ Ghalt or Fetch w/ Shayne/Aurox. But kill a specific character? That’s not entirely up to me. Play on every map w/ Kleese? Not really up to me either (you try playing Coldsnap, Echelon, or Capture on demand).

I gave up on finishing Alani’s lore before I ever started tbh, as soon as I read the requirements. Kinda sucks, but there are characters I don’t bother using just b/c I know I’ll never finish their lore.

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I really have no idea who is planning these lore challenges.
Lore CHALLENGES should be hard but possible.

This kill (character) x number of times is a really bad implementation of a CHALLENGE because how the heck can we kill this (character) if there isn’t such a character to begin with? By that I mean the obvious lack of ambra players now. I have played for the last 2 weeks and the only time I’ve seen an ambra was on my team and that’s one match in 2 weeks of playing. And I play most every other day. Easily amounting to 50 to 70 matches. Not a single ambra.

This game has 25 playable characters and you expect me to finish a CHALLENGE that specially targets ONE and only ONE out of 25 characters? So much for character diversity that gearbox originally wanted to advertise. Now no one wants to play ambra (with or without nerf) because there are 2 characters out for her blood all the time. Go out of lane and a gal or alani will be hot on her as trying to kill her instead of playing the game.

Yes you can turn this into a lure and kill those 2 but think how just one CHALLENGE can ruin a proper game?

So much for challenge.
An impossible one considering no one plays ambra now.

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