The Lore of the LLC

Hey guys and gals, Made this over the weekend and wanted some thoughts and tips on how to improve

But yeah its on all the lore I could find of the LLC, I plan to make a few more for the battleborn lore that ive unlocked (Looking at you pheobe and Marcuies). thats about it :slight_smile:

Nice video; possibly could use more on Pheobe and Marquis (dunno though having no lore personally unlocked for either)

Having gotten some lore challenges on ISIC I can say that it’s hilarious how he used the LLC’s battle arenas as a spotlight for his nihilism, plans for destroying everything, and ripping El Dragon’s bleep-ing arms off. :laughing:

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Which is why el dragon has to get the final hit on isic for a lore challenge lol the commentary afterwards is hilarious

I plan on doing a video for each of the battleborn on there own later on :slight_smile:

Yes I understood that from the video/original post. What I meant was more on those 2 in regards to their history regarding the LLC as an entity specifically, their impact/input on it’s development. But as I know next to nothing on either’s lore atm lol (other than the two being affiliated), if what you said in the video is all they really input to the LLC in that regard, then nevermind xD

Basically I saw this video as a summarization of the LLC; with your subsequent videos being more character-specific.

Ah, was going to add in that Pheobe was hemsworth daughter but I forget his name when writing the script :smiley:

See? I didn’t even know that tidbit. :open_mouth: lol