The Lost Battalion Sourcecode

Soooo, i’ve managed to get my hands on the lost battalion sourcecode (an old mod for Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30). The testmaps aren’t included however, but in the rar file i’ve found multiple custom classes: one of them, the one that seemed the most important to me, the custom flamethrower seen in one of the released TLB videos. I’m going to leave the rar file here:
Hopefully it’s going to be useful for you guys.

Wasn’t this in Earned in Blood? I don’t think I ever heard of it.

I think this was road to hill 30 first, then moved on to earned in blood, then canceled and moved to battlefield 2. Recently i started digging around old forums and websites, seeing if i could find any mods/maps i hadn’t played, and came across this one.

I know for a fact that I heard it on Earned in Blood only.
Believed that Rendroc brought it back on the modded version.

As good as it is, I didn’t have anything to do with TLB. I did check the source code for learning how to do a few things, but I didn’t use any of it in my own mods. I think they got a lot of help from Gearbox in the early days. I came into the modding scene too late to work with them. I think @leyuno1 was part of that team and could tell you more about it.

Ahh, TLB. The good old days, back when the gearbox forums were still black with yellow text…

It was intended for RTH30, I don’t remember if we moved it to EIB or BF2 for that matter. We did indeed get a lot of help from gearbox at the time. They actually made the SDK due to our intrest in modding for BIA and had us beta test it before putting it out in public. I remember we made a controllable mortar unit during the beta test, which can also be seen in the TLB teaser video’s later on. I (and other members) believe that this inspired gearbox to put the MG support unit in BIA: HH later on.
The editor wasn’t very stable when they released the game, so they put some people on it to release a stable version and put together the knowledgebase with classnames and whatnot that you can find now on

I made the 3D model for the flame thrower and another team member coded the classes and stuff. Those were fun times. I also made the testmaps, not sure if I saved those anywhere though. I wasn’t very good at coding stuff, but since HH used kismet to code events I was able to make entire SP maps in that game on my own. We tried making multiplayer mods as well, with at one point coding in a smoke grenade that could block AI vision in multiplayer. We played the trenches map against the people that created it at gearbox, but with the smoke grenade. It made for a really interesting experience (we pummeled them ofcourse) since you force the other player to move his units from strong holds.

Unfortunately for TLB, because the online experience wasn’t very fleshed out, the community decreased rapidly at some point, making it less and less motivating for us to continue with the project since we felt nobody would end up actually playing it. It never released in the end but we figured someone could use the source code so we put it up for grabs.