The Luck Cannon - Two Fer or not Two Fer?

I have a regular and a two fer luck cannon, and I’m wondering which is better. Conventional wisdom would say the double shot version, after all, twice the bullets in the same amount of time, right?
BUT, with the unique money shot mechanic, wouldn’t more trigger pulls= more chances at money shot? But when the two-fer gets a money shot, it’s that much more devastating…argh, I always hated statistics math…is there someone out there who can calculate whether a two fer luck cannon is worth it or not?

well you only get to shoot once with each one right? wouldnt that automatically make the two fer better cause the double pellets?

Ive only had a straight shootin one of these so I wouldnt really know what two fer has.

The Two Fer likely uses two bullets per shot.

Nisha changes the game a little though:
I have two ten-sided dice, one blue, one red.
I can roll the blue one 4 times, and if I get a 10, I get 100 dollars.
I can roll the red one 8 times, but if I get a 10, I only get 50 dollars

Which die should I choose?

What I do seem to feel is that if the likelyhood a rolling a winner was bigger (say, the dice are 4-sided instead of 10), I should pick the blue die (i.e.:Two-Fer Luck Cannon for long range). Or am I wrong in this?

well from what I read in the luck cannon analysis thread the “luck” is really down to how further away from the enemy you are, and seeing as two fer (I guess) is slightly less accurate than the normal I’d say go for the normal one for more consistency the further you get.

For FFOB Nisha with Hell’s coming specced, I like two fer better. Up to 4 bullets shot with 1 trigger pull with 4 money shots if the distance is right. Trickshot makes them hit the targets anyways.

Not sure about other classes.

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Unlike Maggie,you only lose 2-3% of accuracy IIRC,so it’s not that huge.

Yep, accuracy is still ~95%. Let’s say this is a big fat boss scenario where it’s easy to unload anyway.

depending on charachter. anyone but nisha cant make the magazine big enough to hold more than 1 shot, so two fer all the way. especially jack, because AA is awesomeness. with nisha your going to be dealing a LOT of damage anyway, so your better off with a dastardly and save the occasional shot where you pop them in one hit anyway.

With two fer, each projectile has the money shot, so you can get no money, one money or the skull-popping double money.

in short: Nisha gets dastardly, everyone else gets two fer.

using it with Nisha with FoB definitely with Dastardly prefix or with single shot

and using it with Jack with AA i suggest with the TwoFer prefix, as also with the rest of the cast

as for LC with the TwoFer prefix I don’t really notice the gun accuracy with the 2 bullet spread going bad as it still hitting fine even from far away

now the question is what is the good or best Luneshine for LC mostly for Nisha, Jack, Claptrap? Piercing Rounds or Punisher?

Dlc legendaries can’t have lune shine as of now. Any you see are modded.

are you sure? Cuz I’m seeing some builds here that have equipment recommendation with legendary with luneshine, good example is slijm’s Nukem with luneshine, so far I don’t have any legendary with luneshine, but idk why people are talking about the LC on Nisha thread that this gun can come with a luneshine?

The nukems is not a Dlc legendary. Main game legendaries can have lune shine, the claptastic ones (lc, abs. Zero, laser disker, omni Cannon, Thunderfire, longest yard) cannot, cause you can’t moonstone grind them.

Maybe there’ll be a fix, but currently you can only add luneshine to clap leggies via modding.

Oh I see, but like I said I asked about this on the Nisha thread and they said yes it can come with a luneshine, I guess those guys are gibbers then lol

I think I know which thread you mean. People were talking about which luneshine would be best for the lc, not which luneshine they should put on their Dlc guns. All good iirc :slight_smile:

Actually Two Fer on Nisha is also Pretty Good if you are using Crack Shot. The faster ya reload and get back to Full Mag the better. Especially on Eos having a Two Fer seems to kill him way Faster than a Dastardly. Well like in 6 minutes instead of 8… Not that much of a difference really

how about if you also have FFoB with Crack Shot? i can understand if you are not using (Nisha) Fistful of Bullets, (Jack) Absolute Advantage, (Athena) Elemental Barrage then yeah TwoFer is the way to go, but bcuz on previous testing and current testing (just now) Dastardly wins overall against TwoFer from DPS and MS damage if you are using those 3 skills i mentioned

so… to clarify, confirm, and answer all doubts and questions… Dastardly (Damage) prefix is the best to have if you are using FFoB, AA, EB, …and if you are using LC without those skills then TwoFer (Double) prefix is the other way to go

Find both and try each. Found both playing through to EOS. First one dropped from loot bug that came out of chest after Shadowtrap and 2nd on ground after defeating EOS (don’t know what dropped it).

I use 2 fer for everything with both Crapshooter and 6 shooter mods (don’t use Hells on Nisha although i did test with this skill as well) after trying each in various game play scenarios.

It depends on the playstyle really. I use it with FFoB, OFEoY & Impatient. I use Ironsight so the guns never reload at the same time meaning it’s like shooting constantly, making the 8 shots of Dastardly less effective most of the time because only 2 of them have Crack Shot buff

You can get new legendaries with luneshine by putting in 2 old legendaries and a purple and grinding them with moonstone, it’s rare to get one of the new legendaries this way, but it’s possible and if you are lucky it can come with a luneshine effect.