The machine! get it!

A tweet popped up on my timeline last night with SHiFT codes to get the Machine sniper rifle:

Xbox One/Xbox 360: CKWJT-HZK39-CKXJX-CR3JB-3WSZB


Many thanks for this heads up!

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Good work spreading the good news, @Will_Couper.

Thank you very much my good sir!

Thanks so much @Will_Couper!

Yessss!! Thanks for letting us know

I like it! I want it!

Thank you. A nice gift for my Baroness. :smiley:

Sure does eat the ammo.

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Pretty neat, we’re slowly getting the weapons which were hidden in game code, but wouldn’t drop from any enemies.

How many are left now that Ol Painful and The Machine were released? I know there’s the Heartbreaker, Fibber and LadyFist. Am I missing any?

Good and bad touch, Wetworks

Damn, Shift says I got it but it is not in the repository, jackocannon. boomacorn are not either.

Remember, you can L2/R2 through the repository. I forgot about it, too.:wink:

Personally, I hope they don’t do the lady fist, but welcome the other weapons.

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Thanks for the heads up!

So… to whom is everyone going to give this weapon? I see a vote for the Baroness. I’ll give mine to Nisha… I think she’ll be able to take pretty full advantage of the bonuses during showdown?

Jack and Wilhelm. Jack can abuse the continuous fire effect and Wilhelm will benefit greatly from the multiplicative damage increase, as well as being able to offset the ammo consumption with Overcharge.

…not as good as it looks.

Unless you don’t mind running out of ammo within 30 seconds.

Jack, all day. As soon as I saw it, I was excited to run it with 11/5 AA. My hope was to catch one in shock or corrosive for Eclipse & EOS, or maybe cryo for mobbing. Naturally, I got incendiary. Sponsored By eases the sting a little.

[quote=“Chuck80, post:17, topic:1161793”]Unless you don’t mind running out of ammo within 30 seconds.[/quote]That’s my plan… it only has to outlast Showdown or the local mob (whichever runs out first).

What’s AA for Jack?

Absoulte advantage, 8% per skill rank to not consume ammo