The main reason Guardian takedown sucks

Guardian takedown sucks because of how easy it is to fall off the map. The second crystal area I could EASILY do on true takedown but I keep getting pushed off at the center crystal.

Tell me devs. HOW THE ■■■■ AM I SUPPOSED TO AVOID THIS? Totally fair to restart miles away for some BS death.

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Zane: Clone outside and away from the crystal area.

Moze: Auto bear outside and away from the crystal area (rocketeer).

FL4K: Pet outside and away from the crystal area. (Gamaburst red fang.) Or fade away + aggro draw augment.

Amara: grasp / ties + stillness of mind

What VH are you playing as? I main Amara and have yet to a fall from the crystal platforms in the second area.

Amara. It’s the enemies. They push you around and sometimes hit you twice in a row and push you off the map.

Note that I’m talking about true takedown where there are more enemies. I don’t get knocked off much on scaled takedown but it doesn’t make the takedown any less dumb.

I agree that getting knocked off the map being the most dangerous part of this takedown sucks. However the worst thing about this takedown is that the rewards are not worth the effort.


I prefer the area with the 3 platforms, where you have to jump down a hole to progress. The jumping sucks and it usually takes me a couple of tries to get through, but if I mess up, all that happens is that I fall into a pit of enemies that I need to fight out of. THAT is how the takedown SHOULD have handled the jumping. Either drop players into areas that have to fight (or puzzle or whatever) their way out of, or penalise them somehow (you’re trapped in a pit, unless you buy your way out, but you get freed when the other players reach the next boss).
Seriously, the idea that you can mistime a jump, or the game fails to mantle, or an enemy knocks you off an edge, and you have to restart the whole map or wait ages for team-mates to progress, is just stupid. If they want to punish players, they need to find a better way to do it.



Aaaaaand another yep. The loot from the GTD is not great. Also, how the heck are you ever supposed to get any of it when it takes 40 minutes, even with an OP build, to complete? How am I supposed to even know about gear that I can’t get to drop? I still haven’t seen a single Globetrottr or Smog drop, not even one, and I have beaten the GTD probably 15-20 times.

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I feel it’s a time suck and should have been no longer than 10 minutes to reach the final boss at any mayhem level and with drop rates being awful and rewards just not up to par with all the investment you have to put in it’s just not worth my time,this is a FPS not some plumbers playground leave that to the kiddie’s playin’ 3rd person games and 2d platformers

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The fact is: there is no good method.

It’s just utter chaos and luck if you make it through


Actually you can plop auto bear right down on the crystal platform and hop in the dakka turret. For some reason the platforms don’t care if guardians are on them if you are in dakka bear. They will continue to charge.

To the original topic. The knock back from the enemies in this takedown is unhinged. The low grav just makes it worse. I’ve been thrown halfway across the map from these bastards. Would be nice if they could tone that down a tad.


yeah i know, but i consider that as cheating and will likely get patched out at some point and i don’t want to recommend people to start off by cheating their way through.

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Good point. Kinda the same reason I only have a couple points in fitsd.

Cheaty as it is, it’s still a way to get through the takedown. The risk vs reward ratio is way off on this one. Doesn’t feel as bad cheating my way through it, lol.

yeah absolutely, the beauty of these games. do or don’t, who cares - it’s your time and game.


Is it just me or is the health scaling still far more than it should be aswell, it’s not fun to have to fight a small army of bullet sponges again and again because one of em knocked you off the map.

If they aren’t going to fix the map issues, at least scale down the health so its not as tedious when something bs is bound to happen at least once


I finally beat this last night and holy crap auto bear totally breaks this takedown. Charging crystals without worrying about the guardians, and the weird glitch when Scourge tries to teleport you. I was terrified I’d have to restart when I went flying off into nothingness. Hopped out of iron bear and I was right back in the fight.

Almost 2 hours of torture and I got a smog, with a bad anoint. Totally worth it.


Exactly, smog, bad anoint. Yay?

Another issue with the knock-back on GTD is it makes reviving allies nearly impossible. So group-play is really horrible because of it. Add to that one person falling ruins the fun for everyone.

Drops need to be guaranteed, per player, for it to even feel rewarding. With 40+ options for most options, just counting anoints, it’s too difficult to get anything good.

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Another Dakka Bear skip I haven’t seen mentioned much.

When fighting Scorge, hop in Dakka Bear right before he teleports you to a different area. You will get a weird outer space screen, jump out and your back in the arena with him. Go smack the crystal and get back to it.

I ran GTD last week with a dude that was doing this. He would have Scourge’s next phase nearly over before the rest of us got our portals back.

Yep. I had no idea until I did it on accident. I sat in dakka for a while afraid to jump out in midair and have to start over, lol.

alternatively for Moze, if you have enough points invested in Iron Bear skills you can also do the crystal phases with Raging Bear COM and shock+corrosive rail gun.

ABout Auto Bear + Dakka Bear, with enough skill points investment and shock+corrosive rail gun, it will kill mobs so fast that the crystal zone is clear most of the time anyways, you can even equip an Unforgiven and help with the killing yourself

Oh yea, another Iron Bear / Dakka Bear skip is the radiation bubbles when fighting Anethema. You can just tank those explosions and stay on the middle platform. With enough points in Grizzled you’ll get Bear back before the next phase pretty easy.