The Maliwan Level 1?

So, if we complete the VIP vault hunter challenge, and get the 8 weapons from Skagta Claws and his 5 belligerent Tinks. It was 8 Tinks but 2 are on strike, 1 dead from (air quotes) “unsafe HR hazing”… whatever. Does that earn a special fly over from Skagta Claw and a hot carpet bombing under ye ole crankshaft tree… (yes… I just created a Borderlands version of Christmas off the top of my head. P.S. Gearbox, willing to make more crazy story for that.)

and get The Maliwan Legendary Gun for Borderlands 3!!!

Is it going to be level 1? (or at level you complete the 8 weapon perquisite )
Or is there more to it. like:

  1. Is there a way to upgrade it?
  2. Claim it for when you want it to drop in and spread dismeber…err… disharmo…errr… spread, love?
  3. Or does this unlock more like the ability for it to reappear in the game or is it a one time appearance?

Thanks for reading, hope for an answer. (Not from Skagta Claw’s reignbeers)


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We don’t have any information on how SHiFT rewards will work in BL3, but I’d bet it’d work like they did in TPS. Instead of it being scaled and given to the first character you load in like in BL2, I bet it’ll be put in an in-game bank that you can walk up to. It’ll scale to the level you redeem it at.

That’s only a guess though, we just don’t know. My second bet is that it’s like the gearbox guns, when you start a new character they’ll have it an Lv1.

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Nice, thanks for the info.
that would be nice if it is stores the Malwin in the bank and scaled to the first time it is drawn out.

IT would ALSO be nice if there was an in-game TransBADDAAASS-Ammunitual-Gigatizer. Sponsored by TORGUE or TAG Vending machine,
Spend Eridium, add your weak weapon, and a purple weapon OF THE LEVEL to be UPGRADED TO that will be exploded. Its TORGUE… Something has to go boom. And Presto EXPLODE into BADASSATUDE!

So, your favorites can be upgraded. Maybe I should put this in the idea area.

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I like this idea, because you could get a gun drop from certain boss early and never get that drop again.

So this could make it worthwhile to save your guns that you like, not toss them off a cliff or sell them like in older games

that, and you can apparently decorate your room with guns

Agreed, adorning a room with guns is a must in borderlands… call in Blung. Its like bling… but with GUNS!

I replied on a similar line of discussion elsewhere in the forums, but I’ll pass the word here, too.

It is a distinct possibility that the VIP Maliwan Legendary could be like the Contraband Sky Rocket. That is, the damage scales with the character’s level. This made the Sky Rocket devastating even into OP2 (for me, at least, since twin Slag Saber turrets.)

I could be wrong, of course. But, one way or another, I’m sure people will come up with ways to continue using the weapon. Personally speaking here, I used a save editor on my Borderlands 1 save file to continue using the Elephant Gun up until I got a Skullmasher at level 55.

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and if not anything else, you could hang it on your wall

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That’s true… we will have racks for displaying our toys. (And mounting the heads of innocent creatures that only want to eat our faces off.)

I would rather it level up WITH you.

That’d be a really near feature, considering it is a bonus gun, for putting in the effort, keeping up to date, following, and such.


Beaten by a Ninja.

This Ninja has pulled a Creed in Warhammer 40k more than once. :3

Hint: That garden shed? Wasn’t.

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