The Maliwan problem

What I don’t understand is why was there a need for the charge up time penelty.
I get that they didn’t wanna make the guns OP, but they already have the slow projectile penelty to balance them out. Much like bl2’s E-tech guns.
Now they are double penelized, and the charge up time just makes for bad gameplay. It’s really not fun and makes using Maliwan guns a frustrating experience .

I think the logic is that Amara will be the primary user so the projectile speed won’t really matter, and that since Amara is supposed to rush enemies the charge up time’s making standard fire fights less fun won’t be an issue either, but Amara is to fragile to actually play that way unless you have a few levels on the enemy,

Alot are almost instant charge. Some have no charge but an option to charge for higher damage. Try a few differant types, some kind of suck others are good. Terminator shotguns are pretty badass.

it does impact my choice for guns. I can’t stand Maliwan shotguns and snipers, but I see how they would be OP if there wasnt a delay. Plus there are some mods out there that reduce charge time significantly. I play an Amara Melee build and only really use guns on big bosses and hard to reach buggers.

That is absolutely not correct. With modifiers that lower my damage, increase enemy damage and health, and reflect I can face tank anything in the game.

Also Maliwan weapons are awesome.

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The charge up mechanic is meant to offset the increased weapon and status effect damage. But I agree about the slow projectile speed. Not all guns of with that feature perform as well as the Cutsman. My issue with Maliwan at the moment is that investing in stats for their guns is slightly more complicated than other manufacturers. Take Dahl for instance. All you really need to get is +45% critical damage, +25% weapon damage, and hopefully, another +18% critical damage. Then for Maliwan guns, you’re supposed to invest in +54% charge speed, but not all Maliwan guns need charge speed. So I guess you need to farm different stats for just those guns? The upside is that it gives you a lot of options of build around.