The mamby pamby durr-brained poo-faced no-pants smelly meanie head nincompoop farty-bum ploppy sloppy brown clown shoes motherless godless Leviathan (like the one in Hellbound: Hellraiser II, but more evil. And more phallic)Elitist Scumbaaaag

So the Leviathan. So far my time with the boss has been short but full of swear words. I would like some help with this son of a bitch. I’m on PC and the name’s Michael J. Caboose

steam id? there’s 1.2 million results for your name.

The big guy himself doesn’t have very many attacks, or even powerful ones (as long as you avoid his thrown rocks).

It’s the sand worms that you have to manage and be careful not to let them overwhelm you. Always keep one or a few close to dying so that you can get an easy 2nd wind when you go down. Tesla grenades work wonders against them since they’re all stationary when they’re above ground. Bunny hop around to avoid their spit and just unload into The Leviathan’s critical spots.

It takes a while.

cant help if you dont respond.

Critical hits = blue spots. The last one is inside the mouth of the creature.

This is quite amusing.

You can’t say fudging in the text, but in the title? Awwww yeeaaahhh haha.


i saw that:D

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I’m hoping one of the Admins changes the name to something along the lines of;

“That mean ol’ doodoo head Leviathan.”

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Title edited. Im not super creative, but i tried.


This is why kitty is the best

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/raises hand:

Guilty of leaving that title as it was originally, even though it got flagged. Because it’s hilarious.

just going to edit it now…

Your turn, @Kitty_Jo



This is mildly disturbing…

This will be fun.


Don’t forget to mention how clear it is that Leviathan is overcompensating.



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I think mo-pants should be changed to pants wearing

Title is OP nerf plz. XD

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ooh, Joe, you can play too!

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