The Markswoman: legendary class mod idea 2.0

I got a mostly negative response to my last post (gain increased weapon damage the longer you ADS). While I liked the concept (it definitely suited my all-Lyuda setup) I decided to rework the classmod idea.

Aiming down sights is necessary on so many guns. Let me ask you Bottomless Mags Mozes a question…how do you not ADS on guns (that synergize so well) like the Shredifier, Lyuda, Magnificent, butcher, etc? Sure you can hipfire, but there will be ludicrous amounts of recoil.

Because of the high recoil and poor accuracy on these guns, ADSing is necessary 99% of the time to hit all of those crits. And by not hitting criticals, you are crippling yourself by lowering your dps.

Legendary Markwoman 2.0
Weapons that have any scope/ sight attachment gain a permanent +20% damage increase. Additionally, Moze gains up to 3 specific bonuses based on the amount of time she aims down sights (total of 5 seconds to get max bonuses). After 7 seconds of not aiming down sights, the stacks decay slowly.

1 seconds: +5% damage , +3% critical damage, +.5% of shield-steal
2 seconds: +10% damage , +6% critical damage, +1% of shield-steal
3 seconds: +15% damage, +9% critical damage, +1.5% of shield-steal
4 seconds: +20% damage, +12% critical damage, +2% of shield-steal
5 seconds: +25% damage, +15% critical damage, +2.5% of shield-steal

Boosted skills: Redistribution, The Iron Bank, and Scorching RPMs

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Well, the secret is: People do ads to shoot, but they usually don’t stay scoped in for long periods of time because positioning is pretty important and you don’t wanna be a sitting duck, even with good shields.
As for most weapons you listed… well, with enough mag size bonuses you can actually just regen ammo faster than you use it, at which point you can afford to just spam, particularily because you’re gonna have boosts to rate of fire anyways. And recoil… well, for one you can compensate for that with a little practice and then there’s also scrappy which improves your handling a fair bit. Also, at least on the Shreddifier you don’t really need to hit crits reliably because it has a low crit modifier and relatively low base damage and noone uses the Magnificent or the Butcher anyways right now.
The only weapon that you sort of need to ads is the Lyuda and even then, you aren’t likely to just keep standing there and aim down sights (plus, the Lyuda is more of a bossing weapon and many bosses have fairly large and easy to hit crits anyways).

Still not a fan of weapon part based boosts.

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The classmod is designed to compensate for the fact that people do not ADS for long periods of time. After 10 seconds of no ADS the stacks decay slowly and it takes a short time to get max stacks.

Also, are you a fan of the green monster? It only applies to automatic weapons (and grenades for some reason). I think the scopes and sights part adds to the theme of this classmod which is being a marksman and it can work with all weapons.

Well, Moze is balanced mostly around fully automatic weapons. Besides, for the majority of weapon manufacturers (that is anything that’s neither Dahl or a Jakobs AR), individual parts on otherwise the same gun won’t change the firing mode.
I’d also argue there’s a difference between something as impactful and mostly coherent as a weapons firing mode and something so random and pretty much cosmetic as having a scope or not and that you shouldn’t attach things like a permanent 20% gun damage bonus to that.

Coming from someone who spent awhile playing Overwatch where a Majority of the cast can’t ADS you kind of get used to it. I find it odd that I’m sometimes more accurate hip firing than ADS in this game.

I think part of the issue is the hiccups this game gets when the perspective changes from zooming in and out. It’s not as smooth as other shooters making it feel jarring when in the heat of battle.

But I like the overall idea. I am aware that people don’t like holding a button for long which is part of the reason people don’t like Green Monster.

I definitely like this idea better than the last one. I would prefer straight buffs that are not dependent on any given gimmick (like it happens for other vh) but if we talk of rapid stackings I could very well live with it :slight_smile: