The matching elemental bonus for fire element is bugged in DP?

I am not sure if this is a known bug or not… but you don’t seem to get the bonus x1.75 bonus for using fire element on fleshy enemies and apparently, this only happens in Digistruct Peak.

It is kind of known that because the ‘fleshy’ enemies are actually digistructed that you don’t get the fire bonus on the Peak- it tends to catch most folks by surprise though…

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Apparently corrosive is the way to go.

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Corrosive doesn’t suffer damage reduction against flesh in DP? Oh well, I still think they are all bugs despite the enemies are digistructed or whatever it is. It would be good if the game developers can confirm whether it is a bug or not.

You aren’t the first to recognize, either.


Thanks for the link, it is very informative.

It’s been known for a while, but I agree that some confirmation would help here.

I can sort of envision them thinking that people would mostly or only do co-op runs there and wanted to spare us going into our gear menus in real time, but…that concern would be a bit misplaced even if it’s well-meant. (And if I’m right to begin with.)

I actually think the lack of elemental weakness is a blessing in disguise, as it means I can go in with e.g. just my shock Sand Hawk and not have to change gear for every enemy. I do find constantly riffling through my inventory is a big nuisance in coop. It’s also interesting to play with a different mechanic; one of the reasons I keep coming back to the Peak.

I thought that both fire and corrosive do less damage to any enemy that isn’t flesh or armour, hence because enemies aren’t actually either of those things at the Peak, they are less effective (as well as missing out on the bonuses each element usually offers when applied to the right target).

My understanding of the situation is that both fire and corrosive are also problematic because resistances are still (at least partly?) in effect, i.e. not only will an enemy such as Oney resist explosive, but shields still resist both fire and corrosive, and so many of the enemies are shielded.

With Oney being the rare enemy that resists explosive it seems either that or shock would be the default weapon of choice- unless you’re playing melee Zero that is…

Although those wretched SPR-TNKs also resist explosive. I think. But yes, I rock shock and explosive most commonly at the Peak.

I can see the point about inventory management, but on the rare occasions I do co-op runs on the Peak the problem would be easily mitigated by choosing the appropriate loadout before entering the next area. We all know what’s around the next corner at this point.
(I wouldn’t mind having a fresh batch of enemies and more varied spawns, but that’s another matter.)

Personally I would much prefer to see mechanics working as in vanilla, since several builds get an inherent handicap this way. For me it breaks the pace when I can’t count on Gaige’s or Krieg’s elemental skills to work as normal, and it doesn’t exactly benefit those of us who are (still) making the case that DOTs are viable on OP8.
It’s annoying when an enemy who should normally succumb to an Electrical Burn proc just tanks it and I go without a kill skill I needed right then. Not to mention how this sometimes futzes with BBB, Delusional Damage and Elemental Empathy.

More to the point: if the Peak was meant to challenge us, why void half of the lessons we learned in the game up to that point? If it’s a ‘raw’ DPS race, using our wits is actively discouraged which I think wasn’t the best choice GBX could have made.


To defend Gearbox to a point I honestly think they were totally surprised at the success of BL2 and hadn’t really prepared any character skill trees to take advantage of the 68 skill points you have at level 72- no doubt they must have thought that not a lot of people would want to go beyond that (and boy, were they wrong :grin:

I prefer non-elemental for the peak as I typically run through it with Deputy Sal. If not, it’s straight corrosive(peak only) which would be my Maya.

Not sure a defense is needed, most of us agree they’ve done an amazing job with supporting the game this long. Which might be the reason we keep pestering them for even more maintenance…that’s virtue’s reward for you :acmwink:

On a side note I agree with @Kurtdawg13 that if max efficiency is a priority, corrosive seems easiest all round provided there are no particular character skills which would benefit from shock and/or explosive - which is to say for half of the VHs. A lot of enemies are indeed shielded, but apart from surveyors most mob shields are quite weak - not to mention we have grenades to deal with them.

That said, a number of my favorite weapons don’t even have corrosive versions which brings me back to the points I raised above…which is where they still are, so I won’t bore anyone by typing them out again.