The matchmaking is horrible, but you don't have to be

I’m pretty sure if things are going to be the way they are currently, the game is going to sink irrevertably.

It’s not just about losing audience rapdily, it’s also about creating a horrible environment for the newcomers.

Let me use the game I just had as an example:

The matchmaking thought it was a good idea to put 3 complete newcomers (commander ranks DOES matter when it’s as low as 3 of the guys on my team had) against a team of 4 veterans (2 of which was premade) and 1 newcomer.

But that’s just the matchmaking. Guess what the enemy team did? They ruthlessly hunted and eviscerated new guys. Marquis just stood behind the barrier at our base for the most part of the game because he got instantly slain as soon as he set the foot out. They were just ganking and camping us the whole game. Thre result is obvious:

Now let me ask you a question: how fun do you think that game was for those 3 new guys in my team? How enticing for them it will be to play again? How Battleborn is supposed to survive if it’s only hope, the new players, is getting stomped by both matchmaking and experienced players alike?

We, players, can’t fix matchmaking, but I beg of you, if you see newbies in opposing team at the beginning - don’t do such things to them. Pick something a bit more tame, don’t play aggressively for kills, let them at least explore the game and get used to the flow. Or else, simply, I don’t know how Battleborn is supposed to survive otherwise.


Great post. It’s hard, but I agree with you.

We should foster an environment of inclusion and growth.


Hm, I don’t think it’s as detrimental as you say but it is a concern. I’ve struggled with matches containing rank 2-7’s. I’m sure the ones that got man handled or the games we lost were disheartening for them but people take games like this very seriously and they will continue to hunt the weakest prey especially when that’s a tactic of the game. The matchmaking definitely needs a look at.

When I first played the Beta I never had an experience where I didn’t want to play cuz I was getting my butt handed to me. I know some people would though. The only time I wanted to put this game down was when they last nerfed Galilea in the base damage. Everything else I agreed with but it made it depressing to play her.

However, I just stopped playing her basically and moved on to my first faves like Orendi and Caldarius.

I don’t think new players will get fed up over one or two games. Im surprised with how many low ranks I see that they never get paired up with each other. Mind you ranking does NOT matter as I’ve played and been teamed up with high ranks that were bad and low ranks that were great but definitely people lower than rank 10 are still very wet behind the ears in the game and it’s obvious they’re inexperienced.

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Good post and I really agree. A friend of mine played battleborn for about 20 games but was totally frustrated with the matchmaking that he is back to Rocket League. Can’t blame him, it’s really tough to see trough the horror matchmaking.

That describes the majority of my PVP games - with me on the stomped side. I hate PVP at this point.

Anytime I see there’s 2-3 low ranked players on the other team I pick a character im not very good with (lets be honest we all have 2-3 characters that we just can’t play with) it gives them a chance n gives me a challenge. And if you have low lvls on ur team grab your mic if u can and just give them small tips (even if they don’t have a mic most of the time they wont mute you n can still hear)


I’m usually that 100 guy matched with lower players vs premades. I am usually questioning why I can’t have at least one group of premade on my side and the other team has a few of the lower rank to even things out. I had a match yesterday where the other team had two premade groups, one two people the other three, and my side is all random.

Come on? What kind of match making is this? I used to have a good w/l ratio but that is all gone now. Now I have .41 or 41% W/L and 1.43 K/D. I play the objective, always.

I’m annoyed at having to face two groups of premades when things could of been even by splitting the premades for each group.

I thought it was just I having this issue. Premades enjoy stomping the losing team…

I would love to play unbalanced games. At least you guys don’t have to wait 20-30 minutes for a game:(

Change your region to a popular one and you won’t have to wait either.

I just played a Capture match where no one in the opposite team was above 10. No one, no exageration. We were all 50+.
Poor guys sometimes uncapped one of our point, but didn’t stay to see to it that they captured it for themselves. I guess they hadn’t understood yet the point would go through a neutral state first.

We seriously talked about surrendering, but we didn’t. I think it’s very insulting, really, to surrender when obviously winning. Like rubbing their noses in their own inferiority.
So we just played the game regularly. I don’t think we even went agressively - Our miko soloed, me as Ambra went solo… I went toe to toe with an Orendi and killed her just with my primary. Poor guys were just bound to lose :confused:

I had an idea entering a very unbalanced Incursion match, although I didn’t follow through so I’m kind of part of the problem ( needed lore kills).

If the other team is way lower than yours, don’t get Thralls, or Elite bots. Be a bro and level the field a bit for the new guys. I was one once, and getting curb-stomped isn’t fun.

I really like this idea. Next time I’m on the side of bad match making where we’re the super strong side, I’ll try get my team to not use any objectives.

Maybe go as far as no turret building, no gear, no mercenaries or bots.

I would probably wait until like 5 minutes in to make the call though (just in case they’re all incredibly good low levels :P)